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Can You Work And Still Receive Social Security Disability Insurance In Milwaukee?

Milwaukee Wisconsin Veteran Disability Attorney

Under Wisconsin law, those with a disability are entitled to Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). For many, having a disability prevents them from entering the workplace and performing the responsibilities of a job, without pain, discomfort or required mental capacity. But, what if you are looking to continue to work while receiving SSDI in Milwaukee? For…

Do You Qualify For Vet Disability Benefits In Milwaukee?

Milwaukee Wisconsin Veteran Disability Attorney

Serving in the military is an honorable act that deserves recognition for your efforts to protect the country. If you were injured during your active duty, while training for active duty or training during inactive duty, you might be eligible for veterans disability benefits as a vet from the government. This disability compensation is designed…

How the Rating System Affects Your Veteran Disability Benefits

Milwaukee Wisconsin Veteran Disability Attorney

Veteran disability benefits are available to anyone who has served in the military, was discharged for reasons other than dishonorable ones, and who has a disability that is either connected to or exacerbated by active military service.  If you qualify for veteran disability benefits, then you could potentially receive anything from $133 to more than…

5 Common Disabilities Unique to Veterans & How They Qualify for VA Benefits

Milwaukee Wisconsin Veteran Disability Attorney

Wisconsin is home to half a million veterans, many of whom have a disability of one shape or another that manifest in the physical and/or psychological form.  In fact, war affects each veteran in profound ways that the average citizen cannot fully understand.  Veteran disability benefits take into consideration the uniqueness of a veteran situation. …

The Exchange of Data Facilitates Social Security Disability Insurance

Milwaukee, WI Attorney at law for social security

Being born in the U.S. automatically qualifies you for a social security number.  That number sticks with you as you grow up, take your first job, get married, retire, and/or become disabled.  The social security number carries with it all kinds of information about you.  When it’s appropriate, and within the law, that information can…

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