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What Happens When Someone is Too Disabled to Apply for SSDI?

November 14, 2019

When someone has sustained an injury or illness, which makes it nearly impossible for them to apply for SSDI, what happens? That person is likely eligible to receive SSDI or SSI. The requirements for receiving either benefit is often a medical issue which prevents the person from working for 12 months or more. It is also possible to receive benefits if it seems as if the condition will likely result in death.

Still, the question remains if someone is incapable of completing an application, how can they access these benefits? The act of applying does take quite a bit of work, and having a disability lawyer may be able to help make it easier.

What You Need for the SSDI Application

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services does offer some direction for applying online. That option makes it easier to understand the necessary requirements, but it isn’t possible for you to apply on behalf of someone else online.

To complete an SSDI application, you’ll need the person’s date of birth, social security number, information for any children that are minors, band information, and information for their current spouse.

Additionally, you’ll need extensive information about their medical condition. You will need someone who is available to explain all of their medical conditions. You will also need to list another contact and provide detailed information about the illness or injury.

Typically, someone applying for themselves will need to provide their patient ID numbers from any hospital stays or medical offices, dates of all treatments, and dates when they visited medical offices or clinics. People who hope to receive disability will also need to give a list of their medications along with who prescribed them an possibly, a reason for taking them.

Finally, an applicant needs to provide all information from any related medical tests. Usually, all of this will come from their official medical records. But this only covers the medical information necessary.

Aside from medical information, the applicant must also provide info about their employer and income. Information may go back as far as 15 years. It all depends on what the person’s work history and income look like.

Among the long list of documents to provide, a person may need to submit award letters, proof o worker’s compensation benefits, pay stubs, and even settlement agreements.

Do You Need a Lawyer to Apply for SSDI?

If the person who needs disability cannot apply alone, then yes, you do need an attorney or to have a representative act on behalf of the injured person. A friend or family member can help with the application, but they can’t sign for the disabled person without a power of attorney.

Usually, the family will choose a representative who will go through and process the claim for the disabled person. A representative can process papers. However, that doesn’t mean that they’ll have an in-depth understanding of the Social Security and Disability office operations.

People who are eligible may need help with their application, whether they’re able to complete it themselves or not. A person may receive a denial for medical reasons, administrative reasons, or because the application was incomplete. When it comes to medical reasons, a disability attorney will help instigate an appeal and argue for a review of the determination.

Regarding administrative reasons, it’s often when a form was completed incorrectly or when there was incorrect documentation provided. These are the most common reason for denied applications.

Essentially, having a disability benefits lawyer file for you will lead to a reduced likelihood of denial because of incorrect or incomplete issues. Then when you factor in that someone is not physically able to apply themselves, it is simply best to have an SSI disability attorney handle it.

Call Tabak Law for Assistance

Having a disability lawyer help you apply for SSDI can ensure that the application is complete, as correct as possible, and submitted correctly. They will also work to help you bring together the necessary medical and employment information for this person.

Your desire to help them and to ensure that they get the benefits will get the process started. However, you need someone that has a deep working knowledge of the disability system and application process.

When someone you love is hurt or has an illness that doesn’t allow them the physical ability to apply for disability, you need someone to work on their behalf. Call Tabak Law to learn more about the options you and the disabled person in your life have ahead of you. There is still the opportunity to apply and possibly receive benefits.

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