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Iraq War Veterans Anti-Terrorism Lawsuit

iraq anti-terrorism lawsuit

Iraq War Veterans Anti-Terrorism Lawsuit

If you are a U.S. Veteran, Service Member, or family member of a Veteran or Contractor who was injured, disabled, or killed in the Iraq War ,between May 2003 and 2011, you may have legal rights. Tabak Law is helping people that fall into these categories take action under the U.S. Anti-Terrorism Act against Iran and several foreign banks that illegally financed Iran’s acts of terrorism during the Iraq War.

Facts About the Iraq War Veterans Lawsuit

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When an act of terrorism occurs causing injury or death, what share of responsibility should a bank bear? That is the question being addressed in the Iraq War Veterans Lawsuit. Currently, nine foreign banks have admitted involvement in helping Iran and other entities with ties to terrorism illegally launder billions of dollars through the U.S. financial system. Iran used these funds to commit terrorist actions against U.S. soldiers and contractors during the Iraq War. The funding helped facilitate the attacks that led to the majority of U.S. casualties in Iraq between 2003 and 2011.

United States and International laws imposed sanctions on Iran for being a “State Sponsor of Terrorism.” These sanctions made it illegal for the country to access the U.S. financial system. Even so, the banks helped Iran gain access to billions of dollars – some of these banks have admitted to conspiring with Iran while they were aware that Iran was the world’s leading State Sponsor of Terrorism.

Who is Eligible for the Iraq War Veterans Lawsuit

Currently, plaintiffs in the ongoing case include U.S. Veterans, service members and contractors who were either disabled or injured between May 1, 2003 and 2011 due to Iranian-funded terrorism. In addition, families of veterans and contractors killed or injured due to these same acts could also be eligible to be involved. Spouses, parents, siblings and children of these veterans may also have legal rights under the Anti-Terrorism Act. There are potentially tens of thousands of soldiers and contractors affected, and when the family members are factored in as well, the eligibility is vast.

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About the Anti-Terrorism Act

U.S. Law, under the Anti-Terrorism Act, declares that any “national of the United States” or his/her survivors may sue for injuries “by reason of an act of international terrorism.” 18 U.S. Code §2333. The law allows plaintiffs to hold accountable organizations in conspiracies that supported the international terrorism and sue them in U.S. federal courts for monetary damages.
For example, §2339B. Makes it a crime to knowingly provide material support or resources to designated foreign terrorist organizations.
In enacting this law, Congress found that –
“(1) international terrorism is a serious and deadly problem that threatens the vital interests of the United States;…
“(6) some foreign terrorist organizations, acting through affiliated groups or individuals, raise significant funds within the United States, or use the United States as a conduit for the receipt of funds raised in other nations; and
“(7) foreign organizations that engage in terrorist activity are so tainted by their criminal conduct that any contribution to such an organization facilitates that conduct.”
“(b) Purpose. – The purpose of this subtitle [subtitle A (Secs.301-303) of title III of Pub. L. 104-132, enacting this section and section 1189 of Title 8, Aliens and Nationality] is to provide the Federal Government the fullest possible basis, consistent with the Constitution, to prevent persons within the United States, or subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, from providing material support or resources to foreign organizations that engage in terrorist activities.”

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