Wausau Community Helps Disabled and Elderly Neighbors

December 29, 2019

Through the winter months, the entirety of Wisconsin is often buried in snow. That makes snow removal a necessary chore, but it is labor-intensive, and many with disabilities aren’t able to adequately or safely manage snow removal alone. Senior citizens often face the same situation as they cannot safely walk over the slush or iced areas and clear out the snow.

This year, Wausau has experienced nothing but heavy and wet snow, which makes shoveling it even more dangerous. Mike Rhea, Director of Resource Services for the Aging and Disability Resource Center, managing the Central Wisconsin region, has made it a goal to eliminate falls and other injuries that happen when the elderly and disabled attempt to shovel their own walks.

The Aging and Disability Resource Center is now jumping in to help those who call and alert them of needing help to clear snow. The teams are planning to clear out driveways, sidewalks, and are trying to get the word out to others in the community. The resource planning group is encouraging people to look out for their neighbors. If you have an elderly or disabled neighbor, you should lend them a hand when it comes to outdoor safety.

Apps such as Nextdoor App can connect those who are willing to help with those who need it. It alerts users via email when they need or can receive assistance. These resource groups are really leading the pack when it comes to making it through these difficult seasons. Weather problems often affect the disabled and elderly communities more than their neighbors might realize.

When unable to clear snow, it will likely make those in need of help unable to leave home, get to work, or handle everyday activities such as grocery shopping. To learn about resources available to the elderly and those with disabilities, call our Tabak Disability Attorneys today!

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