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Three Milwaukee Neighborhoods Receive Millions in Grants for Housing

The Zilber Family Foundation is making waves in three Milwaukee neighborhoods, which will hopefully make a meaningful impact in quality housing. About $600,000 of the $3.5 million will directly address home repairs and improvements for elderly, veteran, and disabled Milwaukee residents. These include emergency repairs and repair accessibility issues.

The total of $3.5 million in grants includes 18 specific grants that are divided into different Milwaukee non-profits. These local organizations provide repairs or the creation of affordable housing throughout Wisconsin. The neighborhoods in Milwaukee that will benefit from this $3.5 million include Clarke Square, Layton Boulevard West, and Lindsay Heights. These neighborhoods include a mix of disabled persons, veterans, elderly people, and low-income families.

Eight of those grants focus on neighborhood improvements, which can have a substantial impact on the disabled community. When sidewalks, stairs, or entry points are dangerously unstable or blocked, it makes them impossible or unsafe for disabled people to use them.

A portion, abut $200,000, of those grants, will address homelessness throughout the area, and give aid to those who are at risk of eviction. These grants will have a substantial impact on the Milwaukee community and, hopefully, help to rebuild the lives of the people living in these neighborhoods.

When it comes to housing, the disabled community faces particular struggles, such as accessibility. Many buildings, including residential buildings, within Milwaukee, don’t meet the basic requirements for disabled access. That makes it very difficult to find the right housing, and nearly impossible to find affordable and accessible housing.

As we see, the effects of these grants take place. It’s critical to remember that the Zilber Family Foundation was the catalyst. They operate as a grant-making institution. But the local non-profits were the ones who put the work into planning the construction and arranging for crews to make the necessary changes.

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