California SSDI Application Assistance
Fill out the below form to get the application or appeals process started with local California representation. This help applies to SSDI or SSI benefits and appeals assistance.

Get Help With Your Claim Today

If you have been denied social security disability benefits, it is extremely important that you do not stop in your attempt to get assistance. Approximately 70% of social security disability claims are denied at the initial application. But MANY first-time denials are eventually approved with the proper legal assistance, with up to 50% of all cases getting approved. The SSD appeals case success rate is actually higher than the initial application.

The application and appeals processes allow you a free case evaluation by an experienced California Social Security Disability Advocate or Attorney. Our evaluation process is completely free.

What to expect if the claim is approved

Once your application is approved, you will be paid in the sixth month after the date that your disability actually began. If the Social Security Administration approves the disability for May, the first check would be paid for November. This is known as the five month waiting period, and is standard. Any questions on the five-month waiting period can be explained by your California social security disability attorney.

What to expect for regular benefit payments

Once your application is approved, what you will actually be paid on a monthly basis is determined from your average lifetime earnings. This will also include retirement estimates and survivor benefits that you or your family may be eligible for, among other factors that may be associated with your situation. There are many calculations that go into figuring out this amount. For 2019, the maximum monthly payment is approximately $2,800, with the average amount coming in at approximately $1,200.

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