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Veteran’s Benefits

The heroes who have served our country in the various military branches are entitled to many federal veterans benefits, which are administered through the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). These benefits range from educational assistance, to special home financing programs, to compensation for disabilities sustained during or after military service. Under certain circumstances veterans benefits are available to the veteran, his or her spouse and his or her dependents. Tabak Law has the honor to help veterans all over the nation and currently helps veterans in nearly every State. Although our main office is located in Wisconsin we have formulated a network of skilled attorneys around the country who know the law and will be there when you need them. Additionally, our services are FREE unless we are successful in getting you the benefits you deserve.

While these veterans benefits were originally created to thank veterans for their heroic efforts while in the military, the VA does not always treat veterans as heroes. The VA will often wrongfully deny veterans and their loved ones the veterans benefits they are entitled to. When this happens an appeal may be filed. However, it can be a long and difficult process. But it need not be handled alone.

The VA allows individuals and attorneys to represent claimants in their quests for veterans benefits. However, in most cases, the individual or attorney must be accredited by the VA in order to engage in representation activities. Attorney James Brzezinski of Tabak Law is accredited by the VA to help veterans, their spouses, and their dependents obtain the VA benefits they are entitled to. As a former rating specialist for the VA, Attorney James Brzezinski knows what is needed to prove eligibility for the various benefits and has a unique understanding of the process to do so.

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Wisconsin Veterans Benefits
Wisconsin Veterans Benefits

Wisconsin Veterans Benefits
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