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Veteran's Disability

What Does the PACT Act Mean for Veterans Seeking Benefits?

The PACT act is a new bill that was recently signed into law in the summer of 2022 that may just be the largest expansion of benefits and services for veterans exposed to toxins in over 30 years. PACT stands for Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxins, but what does the PACT act mean for veterans… Read more

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Workers Compensation

When You Are Hurt At Work What Benefits Are You Entitled To?

Were you hurt at work? What should your first steps be? When you are hurt at work what benefits are you entitled to? Tabak Law can help. Not only will we walk you through it in this blog, but you can also check out our spot on Morning Blend with attorney and partner Alex Eichhorn…. Read more

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Social Security Disability

Can an Inheritance Make You Lose Your SSDI Benefits?

When you are receiving benefits such as Social Security Disability Insurance from the government as your primary source of income, it can be a little scary when that income is out of your control. You may already know that your income from other sources is limited when you are on SSDI, but what about an… Read more

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Social Security Disability

Are There Limits to What You Can Spend SSDI Benefits On?

Money that isn’t regular income often comes with strings attached. You can’t get a business loan and spend it on your personal boat. You can’t take HSA funds and buy a new TV. What about Social Security Disability Insurance benefits? Are there limits on what you can spend SSDI benefits on? It’s an interesting question… Read more

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Social Security Disability

Common Mistakes When Applying For SSDI Benefits

If you have a disability that qualifies you for Social Security Disability Insurance or SSDI, then you should apply, but you don’t want to make a mistake. Making a mistake could make it take longer to get your benefits or lead you to not getting benefits at all. Tabak Law is here to help with… Read more

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Social Security Disability

Does Deafness Qualify You For SSDI Benefits?

SSDI benefits are there for people with disabilities who no longer have the ability to perform work in order to survive. SSDI, also known as Social Security Disability Insurance, is an important safety net in the United States, but many don’t know if they qualify or how to qualify to properly utilize the program. Many… Read more

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Veteran's Disability

How Often is VA Disability Reviewed?

Whether you just received your disability rating, or if you just received a notice of review and re-examination, you may be wondering how often is VA disability reviewed. As experienced VA benefits attorneys, Tabak Law, in Milwaukee, WI can provide you with the answers you are looking for. Is a VA Disability Review a Bad… Read more

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Social Security Disability

What is the Disability Update Report?

Did you receive a disability update report from the Social Security Administration or SSA? What is the disability update report? This is nothing to worry about. In fact, the disability update report is a fairly standard request from the SSA for those receiving Social Security Insurance (SSDI) benefits. The form is also called an SSA-455… Read more

Tabak Law Partners with Kids’ Chance of Wisconsin
Local Events, News, Personal Injury, Workers Compensation

Tabak Law Partners with Kids’ Chance of Wisconsin

Tabak Law is much more than just a team of world-class attorneys in the Milwaukee area – we are a part of the community and we love to help the people of that community when and where we can. This year – Tabak Law will partner with Kids’ Chance of Wisconsin – an organization that… Read more

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