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Who is Eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits in Milwaukee?

Milwaukee Wisconsin Veteran Disability Attorney

Are Veterans Eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits? If you are a veteran of the military in the United States and suffer an injury, then you may qualify for as much as $3,400 per month in social security disability benefits in Milwaukee. These benefits are paid to veterans who have suffered injuries as a result…

What Injuries Are Covered by Wisconsin Worker’s Compensation Law?

Wisconsin Work Comp Lawyers who care!

INJURIES COVERED BY WORKER’S COMPENSATION LAW The worker’s compensation law of Wisconsin defines an injury as any mental or physical harm due to workplace accidents or diseases, including accidental damage to artificial limbs, dental appliances and teeth. Injuries covered under worker’s compensation law of Wisconsin include: Physical harm or injury such as bruises, burns, cuts, fractures,…

What If my Employer doesn’t have Worker’s Compensation Insurance?

WHAT IS THE WORKER’S COMPENSATION UNINSURED EMPLOYERS FUND? The worker’s compensation Uninsured Employers Fund (UEF) pays worker’s compensation benefits on valid worker’s compensation claims filed by employees who are injured while working for illegally uninsured Wisconsin employers. When a compensable worker’s compensation claim is filed, the UEF pays the injured employee worker’s compensation benefits as…

How Can I Reopen a Prior Disability Claim in Milwaukee?

Milwaukee Wisconsin Social Security Disability

Anyone who has been through the application process for disability benefits can attest that getting those benefits is anything but quick and easy. Applicants commonly face multiple denials during the application process, and it isn’t unusual for claimants to have a prior application which was denied before a new ongoing claim. In some cases, prior…

Can You Work And Still Receive Social Security Disability Insurance In Milwaukee?

Milwaukee Wisconsin Veteran Disability Attorney

Under Wisconsin law, those with a disability are entitled to Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). For many, having a disability prevents them from entering the workplace and performing the responsibilities of a job, without pain, discomfort or required mental capacity. But, what if you are looking to continue to work while receiving SSDI in Milwaukee? For…

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