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Wish you a happy St. Patrick’s Day on green_s
Local Events

Saint Patrick’s Day 2024 Events in Milwaukee

Get ready to paint Milwaukee green in 2024! With its vibrant Irish heritage and love for a good celebration, the city pulls out all the stops for St. Patrick’s Day. From the famous Shamrock Club of Wisconsin parade to pub crawls and family-friendly events, there’s something to appeal to all ages and interests. Mark your… Read more

Doctor pointing at an x-ray_s
Social Security Disability

What do You Need From Your Doctor to Qualify for SSDI?

Navigating the application process for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is undeniably complicated. While a clear understanding of eligibility requirements is essential, securing comprehensive medical evidence to support your claim remains one of the most critical factors in successful applications. That’s where your doctor becomes an indispensable partner. Let’s break… Read more

Doctor holding a small heart_s
Social Security Disability

Heart Conditions that Qualify for SSDI

Heart disease remains a leading cause of health concerns and disability in the United States. If a severe heart condition prevents you from working, you might be wondering if you qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI). The process can be complex, and determining eligibility for heart conditions depends on… Read more

Someone looking at a social media feed_s
Social Security Disability

Will Social Security Disability Look at Your Social Media

If you’re applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits, the process can feel complex and even overwhelming. You might wonder whether details of your daily life, such as your activity on social media, could come back to impact your claim. With increasing scrutiny by the Social Security Administration (SSA),… Read more

Soldier in a wheelchair saluting_s
Veteran's Disability

How to Apply for a VA Benefits Rating Increase

Applying for a VA benefits rating increase may seem straightforward. Still, there are actually four distinct ways to get an increase to your VA disability rating depending on your disability, the rating you are seeking, and where you are in the application process. Tabak Law will walk you through each of those scenarios. 4 Ways… Read more

calendar being flipped through_s
Social Security Disability

How Long Does Disability Reconsideration Take?

Applying for Social Security disability insurance or SSDI is hard enough, and it feels even harder after you wait for weeks or months only to get a denial. For most, the next step is reconsideration, but how long does disability reconsideration take? Tabak Law has some answers. SSDI Reconsideration Process Reconsideration is much like the… Read more

Psoriatic arthritis on a chalk board_S
Social Security Disability

Is Psoriatic Arthritis a Qualifying Disability for SSDI?

Psoriatic arthritis can be difficult to contend with. In addition to psoriatic symptoms including and scaly patches on the skin, those with psoriatic arthritis are also afflicted with inflammation, tenderness, and pain in joints. If you have psoriatic arthritis, then you may be asking if psoriatic arthritis is a qualifying disability for SSDI. Tabak Law… Read more

Social security disability claim form_s
Social Security Disability

Supplemental Security Income vs Social Security Disability

The Social Security Administration or SSA is in charge of several programs. Not only do they manage Social Security retirement benefits but they also handle supplemental security income or SSI and Social Security disability insurance or SSDI. Tabak Law can help you understand some of the differences. What is the Primary Difference Between SSI and… Read more

Man with a CPAP machine on in bed_s
Veteran's Disability

How Does the VA Rate Sleep Apnea for Disability?

An estimated 39 million adult Americans have sleep apnea, and though it may seem fairly common and even harmless from the outside looking in, the disorder can drastically impact someone’s life and can lead to complications for the heart, kidneys, and general metabolic health. As such, the VA can provide ratings for sleep apnea. Learn… Read more

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