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Veteran's Disability

Top Reasons the VA Might Deny Your Disability Claim

Securing the VA disability benefits you’ve earned through your service can be vital for managing the challenges of service-connected conditions. Unfortunately, many veterans encounter denials during the application process. Understanding the common reasons for these denials is the first step in successfully appealing the decision and getting the compensation you deserve. Why Do VA Disability… Read more

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News, Veteran's Disability

Monica Irelan Karas Visits Capitol in Support of the GUARD Act

Monica Irelan Karas is a partner and attorney at Tabak Law. Karas concentrates her practice on litigating veterans’ claims against The Department of Veteran’s Affairs, at the agency level, The Board of Veteran’s Appeals (BVA), and the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (CAVC). She is also a current member of the National Organization of… Read more

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Veteran's Disability

How to Apply for a VA Benefits Rating Increase

Applying for a VA benefits rating increase may seem straightforward. Still, there are actually four distinct ways to get an increase to your VA disability rating depending on your disability, the rating you are seeking, and where you are in the application process. Tabak Law will walk you through each of those scenarios. 4 Ways… Read more

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Veteran's Disability

How Does the VA Rate Sleep Apnea for Disability?

An estimated 39 million adult Americans have sleep apnea, and though it may seem fairly common and even harmless from the outside looking in, the disorder can drastically impact someone’s life and can lead to complications for the heart, kidneys, and general metabolic health. As such, the VA can provide ratings for sleep apnea. Learn… Read more

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Social Security Disability, Veteran's Disability

What Are the Symptoms of PTSD?

PTSD is a difficult disorder to understand. For years, it was misunderstood, misdiagnosed, and often ignored by the medical community, the government, and even many of the people who had it. Though things are a lot better now than they once were, the symptoms of PTSD are still wide and varied, which can be especially… Read more

Monica Tabak
Veteran's Disability

Attorney Monica Irelan Karas Talks Veteran Law on Milwaukee Radio

With Veterans Day approaching, Tabak Law is once again hitting the airwaves. Partner and attorney Monica Irelan Karas will be featured on WTMJ 620 and 101.7 The Truth she’ll be providing insights into veterans law and more. Listen to Monica Irelan Karas on WTMJ 620 Interviewer John Mercure will be hosting Monica Irelan Karas. This… Read more

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Veteran's Disability

Official VA Benefits Cost-of-Living Adjustment Increase for 2024

Did you hear? VA benefits will be increasing next year. Learn about the official VA benefits Cost-of-Living Adjustment increase for 2024. We’ll talk about what the cost-of-living adjustment or COLA is, how much it will be, and more. Tabak Law is your source for VA benefits news and information. How Much Will VA Benefits Increase… Read more

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Veteran's Disability

Do VA Benefits Stop Once You Reach Full Retirement?

Are you a veteran that is coming close to retirement? Perhaps you are just trying to plan for the future. Either way, it’s only understandable that you have some questions about how VA benefits work once you start getting older. Do VA benefits stop once you reach full retirement age? Tabak Law will walk you… Read more

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Veteran's Disability

What is the Most Common VA Rating for PTSD?

PTSD is the 6th most-rated disability among veterans. In fact, around 12.9% of veterans have the disorder which is double the incidence rate of the general population. Some estimates say that the incidence rate among veterans is likely much higher but many go undiagnosed. Are you pursuing a disability rating with the VA for your… Read more

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