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What Could VA Benefits Look Like in 2023?
Veteran's Disability

What Could VA Benefits Look Like in 2023?

The current financial climate is chaotic and many veterans are concerned about the future of their VA benefits. Inflation has created an increase in the cost of living and veterans want to know – what could VA benefits look like in 2023? We are here to help at Tabak Law. Let’s take a look at… Read more

Can You Collect SSDI and VA Disability Benefits?
Social Security Disability, Veteran's Disability

Can You Collect SSDI and VA Disability Benefits?

Are you a military veteran who collects permanent disability from the Veterans Administration (VA)? Do you qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits? You may want to know – can you collect SSDI and VA disability benefits at the same time? We are here to help answer your questions at Tabak Law, LLC in… Read more

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Veteran's Disability

Will VA Benefits Likely Increase in 2023?

If you’re currently receiving VA benefits, then you may already be looking to next year. Will VA benefits likely increase in 2023? It’s still too early to tell for sure, but Tabak Law can provide some insights as to what will happen and why. Was There a Recent Change in How VA Benefits Increase? Previously,… Read more

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Veteran's Disability

Do You Have to Pay a Lawyer to Get VA Benefits?

There are a lot of myths and misinformation out there when it comes to VA benefits. Do you have to pay a lawyer to get VA benefits? Of course you don’t. The idea that you would need a lawyer to apply at all is preposterous. In fact, current law states that a lawyer cannot even… Read more

Veteran's Disability

Veterans Disability Benefits Increase for 2022

The Social Security Administration (SSA) announced that 2022 would see the highest cost of living adjustment (COLA) increase in decades. The 5.9% COLA increase marks the most significant increase since 1982 and is a relief for those receiving retirement and disability benefits – including veterans.  The COLA for 2022 measured the change in the consumer… Read more

Veteran's Disability

Can You Make Too Much Money to Get VA Benefits?

We all owe a debt of gratitude to United States veterans. When many of us were at home, making a living and enjoying daily tasks, these brave men and women were often overseas protecting our freedoms.  Yet, with all that being said, veterans are often some of the most humble people that you will meet… Read more

Veteran's Disability

What Veteran’s Conditions are Most Commonly Approved for Benefits?

Many different possible conditions could cause a veteran to be approved for benefits. The Department of Veteran’s Affairs often referred to as the VA, has criteria that it goes by to determine eligibility for benefits. If approved, a veteran will receive disability compensation every month. The amount received will be determined by the percentage of… Read more

Veteran's Disability

Wisconsin Burn Pit Veterans with Asthma, Rhinitis, and Sinusitis May Get Benefits

Veterans who served in Southeast Asia – primarily referred to as Iraq and Afghanistan veterans – and other surrounding areas may now be approved for veteran’s benefits if they are suffering from specific conditions. The VA has announced that it has begun processing claims as early as Aug. 2 for veterans dealing with asthma, rhinitis,… Read more

Veteran's Disability

Philips Respironics Device Recall Information for Veterans

A recall has been issued for several versions of a ventilator used by many people in the United States. These specific Phillips Respironics ventilators have been known to be issued to veterans in large quantities.  Specifically, the recall lists the following ventilators manufactured before April 26, 2021, on the recall:  Continuous Ventilator Trilogy 100 Trilogy… Read more

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