Each year National Voter Registration Day takes place on September 24th. So information on voting within the disabled community is important. However, this year the DRW, or the Disabled Rights Wisconsin group and the Wisconsin Disability Vote Coalition worked together on a major project.

Historically Wisconsin’s percentage point change from disabled voters was far behind many other states with a change of about 7.4 percent. On a nationwide level, if the disabled community voted consistent with the rate of other communities, there would be an increase of voters by about 2.35 million. That is why the Wisconsin Disability Vote Coalition and the DRW came together this year.

In honor of voter registration, the two groups mailed out postcards with information on the 202 elections, how to register, and what requirements are part of registration. They provided additional helplines and were made available in both English and Spanish.

The goal of this postcard campaign is to raise awareness of voting in different formats and the importance of voting. The DRW and the Coalition wanted to show the disabled community of Milwaukee and throughout Wisconsin that their voices are important. That registration information and resources are unbiased and don’t offer any particular view on the issues at hand.

Rather, the information is to get people registered and informed about the process of voting. Wisconsin is among the states which permit absentee voting, or “no-excuse” voting as well as early voting. All of these options, however, do require that the person registers as a voter well ahead of time.

These options are very meaningful for the disabled community who often struggle to find disability-friendly voting locations, scheduling time to get to specific locations, or receiving the help they need when at a voting center. The two major organizers of the postcard campaign may have helped many concerned citizens find ways to vote that are also convenient.

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