There are so many people who are facing difficulties with disabilities. In this modern-day, the disabled community happily takes on challenges which decades ago would have seemed impossible. Now disabled adults and children participate in sports, politics, and go about everyday activities with mild or minor inconveniences. However, Milwaukee has a group going that will hopefully make it even less inconvenient.

The UW-Milwaukee center takes on disability issues or struggles with full force. Their current goal is to create a database or accessible forum to view and rate the accessibility of particular buildings. Although building codes now require structures to meet precise specifications for ramps, counter heights, and more, not every property owner complies. Additionally, many property owners only have to make changes after a lawsuit or a filed complaint from a disabled person.

UW-Milwaukee (the State University based in Milwaukee) is hoping to have this complete system up and running before the Democratic National Convention hits Milwaukee in the Summer of 2020.

The access ratings will serve to help the disabled community identify which restaurants, parking locations, and public buildings are easy to access. Some may have disabled-access but from building codes that are years or even decades old. In other words, these builds are accessible but are also significantly inconvenient.

This project comes with the backing of the Federal government. The government provided $500,000 to the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee to complete the accessibility rating project. The project, dubbed “AR-B,” is under the direct care of UW’s Rehabilitation Research Design and Disability Center.

The scope of the project and ratings for disability accessibility go far beyond ramps and ease of travel. R2D2 aims to address issues such as loud noise and glass barriers, which make it difficult for those with hearing disabilities to communicate with the building’s staff. The initial task is putting trained evaluators on the streets to enter premises and experience it as a disabled person. This project will undoubtedly impact the small businesses and the disabled community of Milwaukee.

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