Tabak Law, a firm specializing in social security disability benefits, has been named one of the top three lawyers in this specialty in Milwaukee for 2018. The distinction comes from ThreeBest Rated, an organization that rates businesses using its own 50-point inspection.

The process of the 50-point inspection makes this such a coveted award for businesses, as it takes into account actual client interactions – monitoring reviews, case success metrics, history and overall satisfaction. This ensures that only businesses that are legitimately the best in their industry are recognized.

Tabak Law has been rapidly expanding in the Milwaukee area, but also services clients all over the United States. The firm’s track record of success in getting clients the social security disability benefits they are entitled to is the main driver of their expansion. It has even spurred the creation of the catchphrase “Contact Tabak for the Payback.”

“It’s an honor to be selected as a top social security disability lawyer in Milwaukee,” said firm partner Jim Brzezinski. “While this business was formed on the desire to help individuals in need, and continues to be our main motivator, it certainly feels good to have our hard work recognized.”

In addition to social security disability law, Tabak Law also specializes in worker’s compensation claims in addition to veterans benefits, with seasoned specialists in each of these areas.

Tabak Law offers free consultations, and takes the risk out of contacting an attorney, as the firm only gets paid after a client’s case is won and they are receiving compensation. In this way, the firm is able to point individuals in need in the right direction without them having to worry about how to pay for the up-front advice.

Tabak Law is located at 6045 N Green Bay Ave in Milwaukee. The firm can be contacted at 844-432-0114. Check out their custom law firm website at 

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