Injured workers in Wisconsin must have medical documentation to obtain benefits. Meaning that your doctor, or an independent medical examiner, must provide an opinion that your work injury:
  • 1) was caused by a workplace incident,
  • 2) that the injury is the reason you were forced to miss work,
  • 3) an outline of your restrictions and,
  • 4) provide a determination of whether the injury caused permanent damage.
To simplify the process the Wisconsin’s Workers Compensation Division allows doctors to provide all of these opinions on a form known as a WKC-16B (provided below) that an injured worker can provide to their doctor to complete. If your physician is unfamiliar with the workers compensation system provide them the “guide for Wisconsin Doctors” below. Retaining a Top Workers Compensation Lawyer in Wisconsin will aid you in ensuring that all documentation is appropriately completed, saving you endless headaches down the road.
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