An injured worker who is subsequently fired by their employer may have an additional claim under the Worker’s compensation Act. This claim is know as a wrongful refusal to rehire claim.

Milwaukee Wisconsin's worker's compensation attorney

Milwaukee Wisconsin’s worker’s compensation attorney

        When an employer unreasonably refuses to rehire an injured worker, the employer is liable to the injured worker for up to one year’s pay. In order for a wrongful refusal claim to be successful the injured worker must only show that he or she was an employee, with a compensable work injury, who was refused rehire or discharged. The employer then has the burden to show reasonable cause for this refusal to rehire or discharge. “Reasonable cause” is a cause or reason that is fair, just, or fit under the circumstances, judged within the specific context of a given case.

What to do if you are fired or are the victim of a wrongful refusal to rehire

  1. If you are wrongly refused to be rehired make sure your employer is aware of your restrictions, in writing, and explicitly inform them that you are willing and ready to return to work.
  2.  If the position you held when you were injured is no longer available inform them that you are interested in other positions, as well.
  3. Apply for unemployment as the information that you receive during this process can aid in showing that the employer did have work available and should have provided it to you. In addition, unemployment benefits will help you stay afloat while you are off of work.

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