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Due to the multiple diagnostic complexities and legal variables with my disability I honestly believe I would have been denied my badly needed and highly legitimate disability claim had it not been for Tabak Law. If you want the best chance for approval of your claim if you are disabled get a lawyer before you begin. And if you want the best law firm go with The Tabak Law Firm and their high caliber attorneys. I saw a 1 star review and I respectfully disagree. Here and there possibly they may be busy working on and winning cases for other clients. They have a heavy caseload of many many clients because of their excellent reputation. They made the best and strongest possible case in the legal briefs they filed for my case based on my medical records. They seem to genuinely care about helping people with disabilities but it’s all business and excellent legal knowledge, research, and and representation when it comes to being in court. I sympathize with the reviewer who gave 1 star because her calls were not answered right away. I too often want to talk with someone the moment I call and yes I wasn’t able to always do that. But I can’t argue with this firms sincere dedication to helping the disabled and their highly effective legal representation and I can’t argue with the results I’ve seen in my own case. They win cases! Highly Recommended!!!

Tony C.–Past Client

I called three different Law Firms and Tabak Law was the only one to contact me. I asked lots of questions and looked into their history. It was the best return call I have ever received. I was assigned a contact person who called every 60-90 days just to check in and say hi. They also gave updates and reiterated that they were working very hard and if I had any questions to call. Many people have told me about their bad experience overall with Social Security so I expected a bad experiance. Boy was I wrong. When it was time for the hearing, the Lawyer (Alex) called to explain what to expect, gave the worst case senorio and the best case senorio. I will suggest Tabak Law to everyone and anyone. This was the best experience I have ever had. I was very surprised on how much information Alex knew about me. He really did his homework and I would/will recommend him and/or Tabak Law to anyone who needs these services.

Pam V.- Past Client

Tabak Law has helped my friend’s and family on several different occasions and each time they could not have been more pleased. They are one of the few law firms that you can actually talk with when something goes bad and they are always there to reassure you that they will make it right.

Brianne–Past Client

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