Multiple sclerosis (MS) diagnoses in Milwaukee, WI, are never easy news. The disease is incurable, the treatment is expensive, and the patient’s health condition degrades. More and more patients find themselves forced to apply for disability benefits.  The best way to decide whether to apply for disability benefits is to consult a Milwaukee disability lawyer. The latter will review the patient’s case and provide adequate information. The fact that the Social Security Administration listed multiple sclerosis as an impairment helps.

Multiple Sclerosis as an Impairment Eligible for Disability Benefits in Milwaukee, WI

Multiple sclerosis appears on the SSA’s “Listing of Impairments” at 11.09. Patients applying for disability benefits have to prove one of the following situations:

1. The disease led to motor function disorganization in two of their extremities

It should affect their balance, ability to stand up, or use of hands. The extremities can be the hands, the legs, or one hand and one leg.

2. The disease led to a marked limitation in their physical functioning

It makes it difficult to process information, interact, focus, keep up, adapt, and manage independently.

Disability benefits are available to those who have not completely lost their ability to work. Those interested could benefit from the advice of a Milwaukee disability lawyer. The latter will explain everything about SSA’s medical-vocational guidelines.

Medical-Vocational Guidelines for Disability Benefits in Milwaukee, WI

In order to obtain the benefit, applicants will have to prove they cannot work full-time.  Instead, hey will undergo a complex evaluation. The focus will be their age, education level, work experience. The SSA will analyze everything to assess the applicants’ residual functional capacity (RFC).

RFC reflects the most strenuous activity or work they can perform consistently. It will take into account their diagnosis, symptoms, ability to walk or stand, and more. Older applicants who have performed unskilled labor for years usually have higher chances. Besides their medical condition, applicants will have to meet other requirements as well.

Other Requirements to Apply for Disability Benefits and How a Disability Benefits Attorney in Milwaukee May Help

In order to obtain disability benefits, MS patients will have to prove that:

1. They suffer from multiple sclerosis

Obviously, this step refers to the applicant’s medical history. Their medical records should revolve around a clear diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. They should include any test results (MRI, lumbar puncture, nerve function study, etc.).

2. Their condition affects their ability to engage in substantially gainful activities

SSA set the 2018 limit for substantial gainful activities at $1,180. In order to qualify for disability benefits, MS patients cannot earn more. They also have to show that the disease and the symptoms prevent working full time. For example, the physical and muscle fatigue in MS often makes it difficult for patients to walk or stand.

3. At least one year has passed since their diagnosis and they have followed doctor advice

The SSA wants to make sure the condition is indeed serious and adequate treatment cannot control it. They reject claims from patients recently diagnosed or who didn’t follow the recommended treatments. Gathering the necessary documents and following all procedures can be exhausting for MS patients.

Any inconsistency in their application could lead to a denial. In fact, two-thirds of the disability claims filed in Wisconsin receive a negative verdict. Those are usually claims patients file themselves, without a consulting a disability lawyer.

Sometimes, the SSA requests applicants to undergo further medical exams. Many applicants have no idea they can challenge the results of those exams. It is also possible to appeal the SSA decision in case of a claim denial.

Disability benefits attorneys in Milwaukee have their own resources and strategies to help MS patients. From explaining the SSA guidelines to making sure the applicant meets them, their help is invaluable. They will certainly save their client time, money, and effort, and improve their odds to obtain disability benefits.

Contact an SSDI Lawyer in Milwaukee, WI

Are you suffering from multiple sclerosis and wondering if you can apply for disability benefits? Certainly, even if you have not completely lost your ability to work. If you share your case details with us, we will evaluate your claim and advise you accordingly. Call Tabak Law LLC or fill in the contact form now to schedule a free consultation! One of our disability benefits attorneys in Milwaukee will analyze your medical records. They will explain what steps you need to follow and, if you agree, help you out. You are one step away from receiving the disability benefits you are entitled to!

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