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Social Security Disability

Will the Social Security Administration Look at Your Facebook Page?

Monitoring of Benefits Recipients by the SSA For many individuals, getting approved for social security disability benefits is a life-changing event. And whether you had been struggling to get approved for some time, or were approved right away, keeping those benefits for the duration that you need them is crucial.  Due to the importance of… Read more

Social Security Disability

What are 10 Common Invisible Disabilities?

Many Americans Suffer From Hidden Disabilities For many individuals applying for social security disability benefits (SSDI), their issue is obvious. While it may not be an ideal situation, there is a reasonably straightforward path for them medically.  Unfortunately, many people suffer from pain and sickness that is mainly invisible to the naked eye. As many… Read more

Social Security Disability

Delayed Stimulus For Social Security Beneficiaries Expected Soon

There has been a holdup in releasing stimulus payments related to the American Rescue Plan for social security disability (SSDI) and supplemental security income (SSI) recipients. Luckily, thanks to the pressure from a group of lawmakers, the payments are largely expected to reach those in need by April 7.  The IRS and U.S. Department of Treasury have… Read more

Social Security Disability

When’s The Best Time To Apply For SSI And SSDI Benefits?

SSI and SSDI programs are government-run schemes that provide compensation for disabled persons. SSI (Supplemental Security Income) provides essential monetary relief to persons with disabilities and the aged. On the other hand, SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) supports disabled persons with qualifying work history. The significant difference between SSI and SSDI is their eligibility metrics…. Read more

Social Security Disability

Do I Need a Lawyer for a Disability Claim?

Many people have reservations about talking to a lawyer. There’s a good chance someone facing a disability for the first time has never spoken to a lawyer before. This unfamiliarity creates a world of unknowns – and any previous perception of what a lawyer is comes rushing to mind.  But in reality, getting in touch… Read more

Social Security Disability

Can My Social Security Disability Benefits Be Taken Away?

As attorneys for social security benefits, we have seen several people who lose their social security disability benefits. There are usually two grounds for this termination; increased income and improved medical conditions. However, there’s a whole lot more to the termination of social security benefits. This article outlines why the SSA can terminate your entitlements… Read more

Social Security Disability

What is a Social Security Disability Technical Denial?

Approximately 65% of social security disability (SSDI) applications are denied the first time. Most of the time, it is for medical reasons. Luckily, this decision from the Social Security Administration (SSA) can be appealed. Often with the help of a lawyer, almost 50% of applications that were initially denied can ultimately end up with a… Read more

Social Security Disability

How Do I Know if I Qualify for Social Security Disability in Wisconsin?

The Wisconsin Social Security Administration (SSA) defined what a disability is. Disability is the inability to engage in any substantial gainful activity because of any medically determinable physical and mental limitation. Social Security Disability deals with this aspect. Wisconsin pays disability benefits to workers if they have a sickness that prevents them from working as… Read more

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Social Security Disability

What Are the Steps Involved in a Social Security Disability Claim in 2021

Filing a social security disability claim is not a walk in the park, even though it should be. Most times, applicants need a representative’s help to guide them through the process. Our expert SSDI attorneys can help you. This article will give you information on how to file your social security disability insurance (SSDI) claim… Read more