Memorial Day Tabak and WTMJ 620

Tabak is having a busy week on the radio in the lead-up to Memorial Day. This time attorney and partner Jim Brzezinski at Tabak Law is talking more on veterans law over on WTMJ 620 with John Mercure. You will be able to listen in this Sunday, May 28th between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. The interview is 7 minutes long and will be helpful to anyone that is seeking veterans benefits. You can listen to the promo spot below.

Promo: Attorney and Partner Jim Brzezinski Talks Veteran Law on WTMJ 620
Jim Brzezinski with John Mecure of WTMJ

Veterans Benefits Attorney in Milwaukee

There are a lot of attorneys and lawyers that work with veterans’ benefits. If you want to work with a local team that can help with getting benefits or a rating increase, then Tabak Law in Milwaukee should be your go-to. We have several lawyers that are experienced in veterans law, and attorney and partner Jim spent years working directly with the VA. You can click the links below to get a free case review or to visit our other practice areas.

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