If you are depending on social security disability payments to support yourself, depending on your monthly payment, you may find it difficult to live the life you did while you were working. Each person’s situation is different, as the payout for an individual depends on how much they paid in prior to being unable to work.

Depending on your history, you can earn up to $2,861 per month on social security disability. But, the average for 2019 is $1,234 per month, with some payments being higher and some lower. Where you fall on the spectrum will dictate what kind of lifestyle you can lead.

For many, unfortunately, the payments are not enough to support the life they would like to lead. This leaves them wondering – can I get more money from social security disability?

Can I get more money from social security disability?

The simple answer is no. Being that the payment you receive is unique to you and your work history, there is no way to receive additional benefits through SSD. Of course, if you are denied benefits, there are ways to appeal – with a high success rate for many.

One way to help make ends meet for many is supplemental income. While this is limited, many people are unaware that you actually can make money and still continue to receive SSD payments. As long as the income does not exceed $720 per month, there is no issue making additional funds while on social security disability. It’s also important to note that you are expected to be unable to do a job that would pay you more than $1,220 per month, so it is important that you stay within the guidelines to not put your benefits at risk.

earning money while on social security disabilityAnother option for many people is to apply for additional assistance in addition to the social security disability payments. Supplemental security income and medical assistance are options, but these benefits are also based around income as well as need. If household income exceeds the limits that are set in place, you would not qualify for additional benefits.

So while you may not be able to get more money from social security disability if you are already drawing, there are options out there. Lifestyle changes and other assistance programs do exist to help ensure that base needs can still be met.

Of course, if you have been denied benefits, you should absolutely get an attorney involved, because your chances of winning an appeal are actually quite good.

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