Nearly eight percent of all adults in the United States report persistent or chronic back pain. For many, the pain and limitations are so severe that they cannot perform the duties of their jobs. 

When someone cannot work for an extended period, they may qualify for social security disability benefits (SSDI). Back pain is a common issue for those looking to qualify and get approved for SSDI benefits. However, given the complexity of back pain and the complex process of diagnosis, many individuals who suffer from back pain cannot get approved for benefits. 

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Can My Chiropractor Put Me on Disability? 

Often, individuals who have moderate to severe back pain will seek relief from a chiropractor. After visiting a chiropractor for years, they may find it necessary to apply for disability benefits due to their pain and limitations. Unfortunately, many of these claims are denied due to the lack of proper medical documentation. 

The Social Security Administration (SSA) gives little consideration to the findings of a chiropractor. The notes that they may have provided for a case are under that same scrutiny, meaning a chiropractor’s opinion may not help with a disability approval. The fact is disability examiners who are tasked with determining disability applications do not have to consider the views of a chiropractor. 

However, examiners may take the evidence gathered by a chiropractor, such as x-rays, into consideration when determining the severity of the back injury and associated impairment. The chiropractor’s opinion on seriousness may also be taken into account in this scenario.

Consultative Exams for Back Pain and SSDI

If a disability applicant has primarily seen a chiropractor for their condition, they will likely be required to attend a consultative exam to allow a doctor to evaluate them. The consultative exam is often not beneficial to the disability applicant, as it is used to provide supporting evidence to deny an SSDI claim. 

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The medical professional performing the consultative exam will be hired by Social Security and quickly gather evidence related to the claim. The exams often last around 20 minutes but should not be expected to springboard a case further. If someone only has seen a chiropractor due to severe back pain, doing some additional groundwork prior to applying for disability benefits is key. 

See a Physician for Severe Back Pain for SSDI

Anyone suffering severe back pain that has primarily seen a chiropractor should make sure to visit their physician on a regular basis. While it is true that a physician may have referred to the chiropractor in the first place, making sure a regular physician is staying up to date on the progress or lack thereof and keeping notes of any issue will be important for an SSDI case.

Notes from a physician on functional limitation associated with back pain can go a long way if an SSDI claim later surfaces. 

Someone suffering from severe back pain that doesn’t have the medical history of supporting an SSDI case can also get the help of an attorney. An SSDI attorney in Milwaukee or throughout the nation can help set up doctor visits that can benefit the applicant. Getting the opinion of a doctor that understands the condition can go a long way toward getting an SSDI approval.

Common Causes of Severe Back Pain

Back pain has always been a difficult situation to deal with for patients and doctors. Given the many possible causes, outcomes, and pain points, it’s challenging to get a firm diagnosis – one that can be helpful in an SSDI case. 

Common back pain causes can include the following: 

  • Arthritis. The lower back can be affected by arthritis, which can lead to severe pain and limitations. This can also develop into spinal stenosis. 
  • Osteoporosis. Fractures in the bones can develop in the vertebrae that can be severely painful. 
  • Muscle or ligament strains. Repeated strain or sudden movement can lead to muscle and ligament damage or stress that causes back pain.
  • Bulging or ruptured discs. A bulging or ruptured disc can cause back pain, as it includes damage to the disc that cushions the spine. 

If you need help with an SSDI case related to back pain – or have been denied benefits, get the professionals at Tabak Law involved. Tabak Law is based in Milwaukee but helps individuals throughout the nation receive life-changing disability benefits. Call at 800-245-1430 or contact us online.

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