Many people head to a hospital after a crash with severe or severe injuries with the knowledge that they’ll probably make a full recovery. However, there is always the chance that these injuries can take a turn. Many car accident injuries can become fatal, and although the hope is always that the victim will make it through, there is a major concern in every situation that involves these injuries.

In cases like these, you may end up needing the assistance of a social security disability benefits attorney.

Neck Injuries

Neck injuries, which could include spinal cord damage, can become more severe over time. There’s also the risk that these victims take every time they undergo surgery. While there’s always a risk with surgery, spinal surgery is especially delicate.

Risks during surgery on the neck can include infection, excessive bleeding, damage to the spinal cord, and esophagus. All of these can lead to death.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury is becoming quite common as now doctors diagnose even a mild concussion as TBI. However, TBI can come with a wide variety of issues that can lead to death. These injuries mean exactly what they sound like; someone with a traumatic experience suffered a brain injury, which often means contusions or swelling.

TBI treatments differ based on the part of the brain affected, the severity of the injury, and more. But ultimately, the presence of this injury at all can lead to death. If doctors aren’t careful, observant, and give incredible thought to treatment options, it’s very easy for injured people to die as a result of these injuries and medical care.

For example, someone with a traumatic from a standard accident could spend five years at home with nursing care and then die. In fact, about 22% of TBI victims experience death as their five-year outcome. Unfortunately, many people involved in these cases don’t understand the resources available, or how to fight for compensation to help cover the costs of treatment and assistance needed during this time.

Burn Injuries

Burn injuries come with such risk because of the damage done to the body. While it seems that burns are what they are, that’s not the full picture. The brain, affected muscles, and more are trying to understand what happened to the body. In rare cases, the patient may need a specific temperature environment because their body may have difficulty maintaining its temperature.

Other aspects of burn injuries that can turn these fatal are the risk of infection, the stress done to the body and brain during recovery, and the many surgeries done afterward to correct the physical damage. In the end, burn victims are a very high risk for very long stretches of medical care and severe changes in condition. These injuries can become fatal even when everything seems okay.

Additional Factors to Consider When it Comes to Car Accident Injuries

Additional factors after extreme injuries include infection, ongoing treatment or rehabilitation, and suicide risk. People with TBI are expected to have a much higher suicide risk, as are those left in various degrees of paralysis or with visual scarring. These factors make injuries deadly even when the person has reached the fullest extent of their recovery.

That’s when these issues often arise when someone is told that they’ve reached their expected maximum recovery status, there seems to be no more hope for improvement. It’s here that these patients turn to substance abuse, suicidal thoughts, or actions that pertain to self-harm. In these cases, it’s difficult to argue which is medically the best route, continued rehabilitation with the focus on continuous improvement, reintroduction to the workforce. When possible, or life-long hospice.

When To Contact a Social Security Disability Lawyer About Your Car Accident Injuries

Social security disability attorneys at Tabak Law know that serious car accident injuries can have ongoing impacts for months or years. These injuries can quickly become fatal or put someone’s life at grave risk — families who are worried about taking legal action within the appropriate time frame for filing a claim.

To learn about what you can do as a victim or a family member, you should contact our social security disability benefits law office and set up a free consultation. During a consultation, we can go through the extent of your injuries, and what the likelihood is for a full recovery as determined by your medical team.

Tabak Law assists in obtaining Social Security Benefits or Social Security Disability Benefits. If the injured person was an income earner, it might seem impossible to continue recommended medical care or spend the necessary time with your loved one. Fighting for these benefits can help ease the financial burden placed on the family during these difficult times.

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