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2020 Trick-or-Treat Dates and Times in Milwaukee Area

Is Trick-or-Treating Still Happening in Milwaukee for 2020?  We’re certainly in unprecedented times in 2020. With the COVID-19 pandemic still ongoing, it’s unclear which annual events will still be happening and which will not. With Halloween quickly approaching, many families are curious to know if trick-or-treating will still be happening for 2020 in the Milwaukee… Read more

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Milwaukee Labor Day Weekend 2020 Events Not Cancelled

While the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly changed the way we conduct ourselves on a daily basis, people have still found a way to get out and enjoy the weather this summer. With Labor Day weekend being the unofficial end of summer, many people are eager to get a few more breaths of warm air before… Read more

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Milwaukee Area Holiday Events December 2019

The countdown is on. Actually, it’s been on for some time at this point. If you are still searching for that perfect holiday gift now, you should really consider getting a move on. But if your Christmas gift list is already checked off, you may want to actually enjoy a little of the season before… Read more

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2019 Labor Day Weekend Activities in the Milwaukee Area

With summer starting to come to an end, we look toward to exciting fall activities in our home area of Milwaukee. But before that, there is one more big weekend of the summer ahead – Labor Day weekend. The weekend is traditionally recognized as an active one in Milwaukee, and we hope to see everyone… Read more

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2019 4th of July Fireworks and Parades in Milwaukee

With the month of July right around the corner, people are quickly making 4th of July plans. Typical traditions include grilling out, going to the beach, and of course, watching fireworks and parades. At Tabak Law, we are excited for what the 4th brings in the Milwaukee area, as there are many events going on…. Read more

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Memorial Day Weekend Events Milwaukee 2019

What’s the best thing about Memorial Day weekend? For us, it’s the fact that we have the opportunity to honor those who so bravely served our country and gave the ultimate sacrifice. While this should be something we always recognize, having a day for reflection on the calendar really brings attention to the very important… Read more

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2018 Christmas Events and Festivals in the Milwaukee Area

With the holiday season upon us, many individuals and families are looking for holiday-themed events to attend. Luckily, there is no shortage of fun activities going on in MIlwaukee and southern Wisconsin. In the spirit of the season, Tabak Law has compiled a list of 2018 Christmas events and festivals in the Milwaukee area. Check… Read more

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2019 Trick-Or-Treat Dates and Times in Milwaukee Area

Halloween is truly a holiday like no other. What other day is it okay to go to a stranger’s house and ask for a snack? If you are looking to head out trick-or-treating with the kids, we remind you to please be safe and make sure that you are checking out the candy haul before… Read more

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2018 Milwaukee Labor Day Weekend Events

If you live in or around our home base of Milwaukee, you know that there are quite a few things to do year-round. But some of the most fun events occur during the summer months, with Summerfest being the most well-known of all – but certainly not the only one. As we see the end… Read more