A person may receive as much as $2,861 per month in Social Security Disability Insurance, but most people never see that. The average disabled worker receives a little over $1,000 a month if they’ve sufficiently paid into SSI over their working life. An SSD benefits lawyer can help you understand the benefits of SSDI that you are likely to receive. They can also help you understand what other benefit’s you might have access to.

Qualifying for Disability Benefits

To qualify for any disability benefits, you need to show the Social Security office that you are unable to work. Keep in mind that initially there is a very low approval rate.

In the state of Wisconsin, the approval rate is about 35% for first-time applicants. However, that doesn’t mean that you won’t receive any benefits. Working with an SSD benefits lawyer could help you towards a more successful outcome. But you should be prepared for numerous appeals or hearings.


SSDI is something that most people pay into through their employer. It’s a form of insurance that ensures they don’t entirely lose their income if there was an immediate medical emergency.

An injured or sick person can receive disability benefits through SSI, a supplemental income program, and SSDI. The concept of SSDI is that this will replace gainful employment as your form of income.

Many people make the mistake of continuing to work while applying for SSDI and this leads to rejection. When filing a claim, you need to present your case carefully. Many people choose to work with an SSD benefits lawyer to help them go through the process correctly.

If you already applied for SSDI, and your claim was rejected, you can still get help. With an attorney, you can file an appeal, or request a hearing. The SSDI program is available for any disabled person.

That does not mean that it is only available to permanently disabled people. Needing a few weeks to recover from a surgery or injury should qualify most people for SSDI.


If you meet the program’s medical and financial requirements, you should qualify for Medicaid. Another disability benefit that helps people manage the mounting medical bills. It is likely that you can receive Medicaid if you qualified for SSI.

During a disability claim, you have the chance to apply even outside of open enrollment. It’s a rare opportunity for someone to get help managing their medical bills when they don’t have insurance.

Medicaid does not limit itself to those who are elderly, or permanently disabled.

Medicaid Purchase Plan

This plan is an additional option for disabled people who also have employment. Although it’s not common, there are people who have disabilities, receive SSDI and work. To apply for the Medicaid Purchase Plan you much first apply for Medicaid.

Katie Beckett Program

An option for parents who are unable to work because they serve as a full-time caretaker for their children. The Katie Beckett Program is a disability benefit for children who have disabilities. This program also covers children with complicated medical needs.

If you have given up a career, or standard job to care for a minor with advanced medical needs, apply for the Katie Beckett Program. It can help relieve some of the stress of handling the medical bills that come with children that need special care.

Get Assistance from an SSD Benefits Lawyer

From application to the final decision, a finding which disability benefits are available is difficult. An attorney can help you learn of programs that you’d never heard of before. They can also help you through your standard application for SSDI.

If you received notice of rejection for SSDI or other disability benefits that you need, a lawyer can help. There are numerous petition systems, appeals requests, and hearings that you can work through in an effort to get the help you need.

Speak with an SSD Benefits Lawyer

Disability benefits are there to make a difficult time slightly easier. Whether you are looking at short-term disability and need to make ends meet, or need extensive help, get a lawyer.

The bottom line is that the process of applying for disability benefits can take months. Some people are already back on their feet by the time their application goes through. Don’t wait that long. Get an SSD benefits lawyer to help you and learn what the process means for you.

Call Tabak Law for help in understanding what benefits you should have access to now. They can also help you with a free case review if you’ve already started the process of fighting your rejection.

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