Unfortunately, someone can become disabled at any point in life, and some individuals are born with disabilities. Due to this, there is no specific age limit when applying for social security disability benefits.

While age may not disqualify someone from receiving benefits, it is factored into how the Social Security Administration (SSA) views the case. The SSA actually has several age categories set up to determine how it factors age into the equation.

While many younger individuals have successfully received social security disability benefits, having an attorney involved can greatly improve the chances, due to the age determination that does come into play with the SSA.

Social Security Administration Age Brackets

When determining what cases are the best qualifiers for benefits, the SSA takes many factors into account, with the most prevalent typically being how relevant and severe the disability is, along with supporting medical records. But, age does come into play with how it is fully addressed. The age brackets the SSA uses are as follows:

  • Ages 18 to 44 are classified as young individuals
  • Ages 45 to 49 are classified as younger individuals
  • Ages 50 to 54 are classified as close to approaching advanced age
  • Ages 55 and older are classified as advanced age
  • Ages 60 to 65 are classified as approaching retirement age

Does Age Matter When Applying for Social Security Disability?

The age groups above classified by the SSA are used along with residual functioning capacity, past work history and educational background when considering social security disability claims. If a person is of advanced age, they may be limited to the kind of work they can actually do, in addition to their disability, which sets up a more favorable overall claim. This can offset the educational gap and transferable job skills that are factored in to other claims.

Some limitations can increase with age and all should be documented by the treating physician. For example, limitations could include forgetfulness, difficulty concentrating and confusion. These are factored in along with educational background and skills, with age being a factor in if a person is actually able to perform work at a high level.

While age may be somewhat of a determining factor in SSD claims, there are many qualified younger individuals who do get approved for benefits. Having an attorney is still the most important factor when it comes to ultimately being approved for benefits. Get in touch with the professionals at Tabak Law for a risk-free consultation of any SSD or SSI case.

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