Depending on experiences friends, relatives, or others you talk with have had, it may seem as though everyone gets denied social security disability (SSDI) benefits the first time. This is not actually the case, although the numbers of initial denials can be high.

Does Anyone Get Approved for Disability the First Time? 

The fact is, the Social Security Administration (SSA) does approve around 30% of claims the first time. This also means that around 70% of social security disability claims are denied the first time as well. 

Fortunately, many of the reasons that social security disability claims are initially denied are due to correctible mistakes made in the filing process. This includes the filing itself, disability evidence that was provided, and much more. Having a social security disability attorney help out with your case actually greatly increases the chances of being approved for disability the first time. 

If you already applied for and were denied disability benefits, it is not time to give up. As many as 50% of cases that are initially denied do eventually get approved. Again, having an SSDI attorney help with an appeal is crucial to ultimately get approved for disability benefits. 

What Reasons Does the SSA Give For Denying Disability Claims? 

There are four main types of social security disability claim denials. Let’s look at the details surrounding each one. 

SSDI Claim Denied for Technical Details

It is common to be denied social security disability benefits due to technical details. This means that the denial was not related to your actual disability impairment – the claim was denied before that was even assessed. This is where a filing error or other matter can come into play, but often it is due to not having the required amount of work credits. The work credits required depend on age. 

Denials could also happen if you are already receiving SSDI benefits. With any technical denial, it’s best to get an attorney involved when considering an appeal. 

SSDI Claim Denied for Nonmedical Reasons

Being denied social security disability benefits for nonmedical reasons is similar to technical details. This denial could be the result of your income being too high or if you are not a citizen. Again, there are multiple reasons why a nonmedical denial could happen, and having an attorney review your case is the best route. 

SSDI Claim Denied for Medical Reasons

adult age 50When social security disability benefits are denied for medical reasons, there can be several factors at play. One could be that the SSA didn’t see your condition as severely disabling to the point of requiring the need for benefits. In that scenario, you can consult different doctors and receive new opinions if you feel this was an unjust result. An attorney can help set you up with the right doctors for your condition. 

Another reason could be more technical in nature, where there simply wasn’t enough evidence presented in the case to prove that you are in need of benefits. Again, an attorney can help round out your appeal to show that there is a great need. 

Subsequent Denials

The SSA might actually find that your disability did meet the thresholds in order to be approved for social security disability. But, the claim was denied for another reason, such as not meeting the monthly income threshold. In this case, Social Security Income (SSI) could be an option. The SSA may also have made the decision that your disability is unlikely to last 12 months or longer. Once again, an attorney can help you with an SSI application or an SSDI appeal. 

How Can I Avoid My SSDI Claim Being Denied? 

As mentioned above, having an attorney help with preparing your claim is the best way to get a social security disability claim approved the first time – or getting an appeal approved. A lawyer can look at things like your work credits, the evidence you are presenting, additional medical records, and all application dates – among many other items. 

Having proper representation from a Milwaukee social security disability firm like Tabak Law can be key to getting the approval you desperately need. Tabak Law is based in Milwaukee, WI, but serves clients all over the nation, with a proven track record of success.

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