If you have been approved for social security disability benefits, it’s for a worthwhile reason. And you likely are relying on the monthly payments to allow a certain standard of life. So it is normal to be concerned about the longevity of your disability payments.

Does the Social Security Administration Spy on People with Benefits?

But does the Social Security Administration (SSA) spy, or conduct surveillance, on individuals receiving benefits? And should you be concerned?

ssa video surveillance

While it is not impossible for the SSA to check up and surveil individuals who are currently receiving benefits, there is no reason to worry as long as you are still rightly receiving benefits. The process, called Continuing Disability Review (CDR), exists because there are individuals who are healthy enough to work that have continued to receive benefits dishonestly. As long as you are still disabled, and are able to follow the process, there is nothing to worry about.

When the process takes place depends somewhat on your initial social security disability decision and your specific disability. How long you are expected to take to recover, if at all, determines the review timeline. You may have to submit to a review every three, seven, or longer periods of time. During this process, surveillance is possible from the SSA.

The CDR process involves filling out a form, submitting medical records, and at times undergoing medical tests by a doctor paid by the SSA. To continue receiving benefits, you need to have:

  • A medical condition that keeps you from being able to work
  • A condition that is expected to last 12 months or longer
  • A condition that makes it impossible for you to adjust to a new kind of work

Any assistance with the review process should involve an attorney. At Tabak Law, we have a huge body of experience in social security disability benefits and what it takes to retain the benefits over time. Get in touch with us risk-free if you have been wrongly denied benefits.

What Kind of Surveillance is Possible from the SSA?

In terms of the kind of surveillance that can happen from the SSA, there are several forms.

  • Direct Observation
  • Video Surveillance
  • Social Media Monitoring

The SSA could assign someone to follow and keep direct tabs on you during your regular daily activities. Again, as long as you aren’t doing activities that would raise a red flag on if you were actually able to continue working, you have nothing to worry about. The SSA could also conduct video surveillance to try to catch a similar activity on tape. Social media monitoring is also possible, so what you post publicly has to be considered.

Overall, like has been stated, as long as you are rightly receiving social security disability benefits, there is truly nothing to worry about in terms of losing those benefits. If you have questions or need a lawyer involved, contact Tabak Law today.

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