Sometimes you want a break, and other times it’s challenging to get your doctor moving onto the next step. When you consider the many people and facets involved in medical treatment, there will probably be a gap in your treatment. Social security disability cases always come with some struggle. If you already have an open application with the Social Security Administration for disability, you may feel even more pressure. The pressure to keep on top of your medical care and keep the recovery process moving is not your sole responsibility.

The extent of care and treatment will show accurately in your medical records. Your medical team or doctor should also have carefully recorded the severe nature of your disability.

The reason for the gap in treatment is vital. When handling an SSDI application in Wisconsin, you need to be careful. Hiring an SSDI attorney in Milwaukee may be the solution to completing your request. It can also be the safest bet for a strong chance.

Reluctant to go “Under the Knife.”

Fear of surgery is a common struggle for many people. Similar to other fears, it incites anxiety, and most people respond with avoidance. However, this is one of the gaps in medical treatment that cannot have an explanation to resolve the matter. This refusal of treatment can result in the denial of your benefits.

There are some cases when the SSA will review your decision as one based on experience and reason. For example, if you have undergone four surgeries already and a doctor proposes a fifth, your denial is not a simple refusal. Alternatively, if you have a botched operation, you may be hesitant or rightfully fearful of going into operation again.

Financial Stress or Instability

Although insurance companies do their best to ensure that care is available, the fees are stressful. Even with high-quality insurance, an injury or illness can be a massive financial strain on your family. It there is any reason that you could not afford the treatment you can use this to explain the gap in treatment.

Fortunately, the SSA often understands these situations. Often when people are applying for SSDI, they are not able to work. When people can return to work, they may do so too quickly. But the primary issue at hand here is taking a break from your medical treatment to catch up on bills. The SSA cannot place a negative ruling on your case simply because you could not afford to continue care.

Noting financial stress or instability may help you reason through the process of accessing low-cost medical coverage.

Maximum Medical Improvement

Maximum Medical Improvement, otherwise known as MMI, is the extent of improvement possible. The State of Wisconsin will use your MMI as a metric during your evaluation. If your medical gap occurred because your treating physician declared the possible treatments exhausted, you might need help showing your eligibility for benefits.

Usually, patients reach an MMI during their application process, and that will become part of their medical records.

Mental Impairment

Mental disability often leads people to have gaps in their medical treatment. Many doctors go so far as to say that avoiding treatment is a possible symptom of an underlying mental disorder or disability. If you have a significant gap or a series of gaps between treatment, you should have your doctor comment on your mental capacity to seek out treatment.

Having a mental impairment, disability, or disorder does not discount your access to benefits. You need to know, however, that you’ll need medical documentation and a diagnosis of mental impairment to support these gaps in treatment.

Involve a Local SSDI Attorney

An unexplained gap can result in the denial of your claim and denial of your appeals. If you know that you have gaps in your treatment history, it’s best to seek out help at the beginning of your application.

Working with an SSI disability lawyer in Wisconsin can help you deter the exceptionally high denial rate. On a statewide level, more cases receive a denial and go through a lengthy appeals process. If you fear that a gap in treatment will lead to denial, then it’s best to involve a Milwaukee lawyer early on into the claim.

When looking for the right attorney, contact Tabak Law. With a team of well-experienced and knowledgeable lawyers, you can work with someone who thoroughly understands SSDI law. Tabak law provides free case reviews and aims to help the victims of unjustly denied claims.

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