George Banda is an American hero. But in typical hero fashion, he doesn’t think that he did anything out of the ordinary. He was just serving his country in Vietnam, and is lucky to have come home, in his view.

But the fact that the Milwaukee native won the Silver Star and the Bronze Star as an Army Medic proves how deserving he is of the hero designation. Banda put himself in harms way to help others during a time of conflict.

Injured, but Continuing to Assist

Banda’s unit took fire on the morning of May 5, 1970 and he himself was flung into the air by an RPG and was hit in the head with gunfire. Through it all, Banda retained his composure and focused on helping his fellow service members. While bleeding severely from the head, Banda took care of a fellow Milwaukee native while he clung to life. The man ended up passing away, and Banda still visits his grave.

Banda helped numerous injured men that day, continuing to do his duty until he was able to get out of the situation. Explosions on the ground caused a delay with the rescue helicopters, meaning Banda had a harder job keeping the injured men alive until they could be taken out of the area. Banda was able to jump on the last helicopter out and spent two weeks in a Marine hospital recovering.

Vietnam Honor Flight Participant

While Vietnam Veterans weren’t always treated as they should have been upon their return at the time, history has found a way to make it up to them in a small way. Banda was one of a recent group of veterans to go on the Honor Flight to Washington D.C. to see the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and other attractions on the National Mall. His welcome home can be seen below.


Tabak Law Honored to Assist

Tabak Law is proud to serve George Banda in his pursuit of crucial veterans benefits tied to his service. It’s a small token of appreciation that the firm is able to provide for America’s heroes.

Often, veterans are unable to properly represent themselves and show the service connection to their ailments, causing them to be denied benefits. Tabak Law has set itself apart in Milwaukee and all over the country as a top veterans benefits lawyer.

For Tabak Law, helping Banda with his benefits case is a small thanks for the decorated veteran. In addition, the firm’s own Jim Brzezinski donated $500 to the Vietnam Honor Flight on a recent radiothon.

If you or someone you know has been denied benefits or has been unable to attain them, don’t hesitate to contact Tabak Law at 844-432-0114.

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