Social Security Disability can be pretty long. Between your SSD submission, connecting with a lawyer, and finally getting a judge’s ruling, the entire process can take months, or even up to a year. During that waiting period, you’ll find yourself growing anxious, and even impatient. So, we’ve created an article detailing the timeline between your claim hearing the the judge’s decision. While we could detail the entire process of claim submission, we’ll try and dive deeper into the decision making timeline itself.

My SSD Hearing Went Well. How Long Before I Get a Decision?

The first thing to note is that there is never a set schedule when it comes to claims court. Some cases are more complex than others, so the actual time to make a decision is relatively fluid. Some courts will give you a timeline of 6 weeks, while others claim that 30 days is the default. In a recent study, we found that the average wait time between court appearance and ruling was about 8 weeks, with some claimants having to wait 10 weeks or more. That can be a long time.

How Can I Estimate When My Ruling Will Be Made?

Again, it comes down to the court and the complexity of your claim. If you’re working with a SSD lawyer, they may have a better handle on the claim process and the estimated ruling timeline. Your lawyer (and even you) can also call the claim office and and speak with a staff member to get an update on your claim.

My Claim is Approved! How Long Until My Benefits Kick In?

Once your claim has been approved by the judge, there is also a waiting period to finally start receiving your benefits. Your file will be sent by the Office of Hearings Operations (OHO) to a payment processing center. At the center, your individual benefits will be calculated and a determination will be made if you’re due any back payments. On average it can take two and a half months to receive your first check. A tip here is that when you do receive your notice of award letter, you should see the date that your benefits will officially begin. If there is a delay in receiving your notice of award, you should reach out to your attorney immediately. They can make sure your claim gets back on track.

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