Initially, everyone tells you not to hold your breath for an SSDI claim decision. Why? Because they take forever. For people who were hurt and are now missing work that makes it incredibly difficult to plan out your next step. It can even make it difficult to just focus on paying this month’s bills.

Your initial SSDI claim decision may take three or four months of processing. That means that the time frame does not include the time spent putting together the application, the time the application spends in the mail getting there, or the time the decision takes to get to your mailbox. When you’re working with an office for SSD benefits, they can keep you updated, but there really is no expediting this process.

What Can Delay the SSDI Claim Decision Process?

Decisions in these cases can come into a delay for a variety of reasons. Even aspects such as your age can cause delays. But the most common reasons for delays is a lack of documentation. If you didn’t include all of your most recent medical information or information about your injury, then the process will essentially come to a stop.

When the disability office realizes that they don’t have all the information they need to make a decision, they will reach out to you. In fact, they’ll reach out to you a few times by mail, and phone. It’s vital that you respond to these communications. Failing to respond will result in your claim receiving a denial.

Another aspect that holds up the decision process is the office not being able to contact someone on the application. For example, if you listed your friend as someone who comes and helps you because of your disability, they may reach out to that person. They will likely ask that person questions about how much care and help you need. They may even ask if they believe that you’ll need help doing everyday tasks such as grocery shopping or laundry for a long duration of time.

Although the opinions of most third-parties listed on your application aren’t from medical professionals, they do give a lot of insight into your condition. If your neighbor says that they haven’t seen you leave the house for days at a time and that you only leave when someone can drive you it will confirm that you have issues getting around on your own. Alternatively, if a neighbor says that you take out the trash regularly and dance your way back to your front door, that will also give them insight into your condition.

The state offices look at these third-party statements carefully, and if they can’t get in contact with someone, then they’ll put the process on hold until they can.

Why are Denial Rates so High?

Only about 30% of all SSDI applications will receive approval, which means that 70% of claims are denied. These denial rates almost always come from inaccurate information on the application. Usually, it’s not the applicant’s fault; the application itself is hard to read.

The only way to ensure that you completed the application form correctly the first time is to have an SSDI attorney look it over before submission. In fact, bringing an attorney in early into your claim can prevent a lot of delays or unnecessary denials. An attorney can contact all of the third-parties listed on your application to ensure that they understand the importance of responding to these state offices. They can also take your calls, so you don’t have to worry about missing a call.

How Can I Push My SSD Appeal Through Quickly?

Through the Wisconsin SSA office, you can submit an appeal. Can you rush it through the process, yes and no. Appeals, unlike the initial application, go through more quickly depending upon how quickly you respond?

If you appeal a denial immediately, your appeal will likely go through the process of reconsideration and hearing with an ALJ quickly. Whereas if you wait to the end of your 60-day window, then you may have to wait. When you wait too long, it looks like this appeal wasn’t a priority for you.

Will Hiring an Attorney Help my SSDI Claim Decision?

If you were recently disabled, or if you know that you will be unable to work for a long stretch of time, then you need SSDI compensation. Contact the local disability lawyers in Milwaukee at the Tabak Law Offices. When you contact our law offices, we’ll have one of our legal team members go through your claim and application with you.

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