When applying for social security disability benefits, you obviously want to follow all the rules and ensure that your claim is in order. Securing an attorney for social security disability application and denials is key to winning your case and ultimately receiving benefits.

But another factor that many people don’t take into account is the use of drugs and alcohol. And the question of is there drug testing for social security disability benefits often comes up in the application process.

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    Is there drug testing for social security disability benefits?

    While there is no actual drug testing for social security disability benefits, there are a lot of negatives that come along with abusing drugs and alcohol during the process and once you receive benefits. In some instances, if you are discovered to be using, or have run into legal trouble due to alcohol and drugs during the process, your claim could be denied.

    There are ways for the Social Security Administration (SSA) to be aware of drug or alcohol use other than specific testing. For example, medical records will be required during the application process, and anything related to drugs and alcohol can be reviewed due to blood and urine tests that are often included.. In addition to the legal implications that may affect the claim, a history of substance abuse could also be seen as an ongoing issue that may change the claim

    earning money while on social security disabilityDuring a social security disability assessment, a physician may also ask questions about substance abuse. Again, answering these questions falsely about your current state is a losing proposition, as the records often exist to implicate. And any show of dishonestly could eliminate the possibility of benefits being issued.

    While a history of abuse could be seen as a symptom of a mental or physical disability, there is no way to know how the SSA will react to specific instances within a claim. You should never abuse drugs negligently to try to make a claim more legitimate. Any gaming of the system is likely to be discovered through the process.

    Could you lose current benefits due to substance abuse?

    If you are already receiving benefits, there is no reason to put your claim at risk by using drugs or alcohol irresponsibly as well. There are re-evaluations and your benefits are always in the system, meaning any illegal activity that comes up while receiving benefits could result in the loss of the benefits.

    In addition, if you are relying on social security disability to live off of, the cost associated with obtaining drugs and alcohol is just a bad decision. Without money for the things you actually need, quality of life goes down. It’s an impractical situation to put yourself in.

    If you have further questions about social security disability claims in relation to drugs and alcohol, or if you have been denied benefits unfairly, get in touch with the professionals at Tabak Law. A risk-free evaluation is available by calling 844-432-0114.

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