The Wisconsin Social Security Administration (SSA) defined what a disability is. Disability is the inability to engage in any substantial gainful activity because of any medically determinable physical and mental limitation. Social Security Disability deals with this aspect.

Wisconsin pays disability benefits to workers if they have a sickness that prevents them from working as they usually would. These benefits may also extend to some members of the worker’s family.

There are several disabilities out there. And many people are struggling with different limitations, not knowing they are eligible to receive benefits and compensations. So, how do you discover if your disability qualifies you for social security benefits?

We will answer the above question in this article. Note that getting your social security disability benefits is a complicated process. For that reason, you will need an SSI attorney to help you with your claim.

Qualifications for Wisconsin’s Social Security Disability Benefits

Social Security Disability Insurance or SSDI is an insurance program put in place by the government for disabled workers. Your eligibility for this program is dependent on some essential factors.

Wisconsin’s SSA will take a critical look at your case to see if you are qualified for the benefits. They will make use of the following factors to determine your eligibility.

Work History

One factor that decides if you qualify for social security benefits is your work length. To be eligible for disability benefits, you need to have worked for between five and ten years. In other words, you must have been working for this period before the disability made you incapable of working.

And while you were working, you must have been paying into the SSDI program. Because the benefits you will receive will depend on how long and how much you paid into the program. Find out more from a Wisconsin disability attorney.

Inability to Work

As mentioned earlier, a disability is a medical condition that restricts you from carrying out otherwise simple work activities. In Wisconsin, for you to qualify for the benefits, your condition should be so severe it prevents you from working for about 12 months.

If the disability is not up to a year, you will not receive the necessary benefits. And if the medical condition is “On and off” within one year, it won’t be recognized.

Permanent Disability

A severe medical condition could either leave a temporary or permanent disability on the patient. If your disability is a temporary one, the SSA might not consider you qualified to receive social security disability benefits. This is because there is a possibility that you can still work with the disability.

However, if your medical condition resulted in a permanent disability, you have a higher chance of receiving the necessary benefits. Consult an SSI disability lawyer for more information.

Nature of Disability

Another determinant of your qualification for social security disability benefits is the limitation’s nature. The Social Security Administration in Wisconsin has provided a list of disabilities that they consider “Qualifying.” These disabilities include:

  • Special senses and speech disabilities
  • Musculoskeletal disabilities
  • Mental disorders
  • Respiratory system disabilities
  • Neurological problems or disabilities
  • Digestive system disabilities

To be eligible for disability benefits, you should have at least one of the above-listed limitations. Also, the disability has to be so severe that it limits your ability to carry out regular work activities.

Apart from having a disability, you have to prove to the SSA that you deserve the social security disability benefits. Because of this, you need an SSDI attorney to help you present and defend your case to the Wisconsin SSA.

To summarize, you can ask yourself these questions to determine if you qualify:

  • Am I unable to work for at least a year because of my medical condition?
  • Is my disability a permanent or temporary one?
  • Does my medical condition match SSA’s definition of a disability?

A Social Security Law Attorney at Tabak Law LLC Can Help You!

At Tabak Law LLC, we have a team of professional disability benefits lawyers that help plaintiffs get their disability claims approved. With over 45 years of experience, you can be sure that your case is in good hands.

Our focus is on helping those in need. If you do not know if you qualify for social security disability benefits or you believe you are being treated unjustly, contact us today.

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