Serving in the military is an honorable act that deserves recognition for your efforts to protect the country. If you were injured during your active duty, while training for active duty or training during inactive duty, you might be eligible for veterans disability benefits as a vet from the government. This disability compensation is designed to help veterans receive compensation for an array of disabilities that may have resulted through their time in the service or during training for duty.

Understanding if you qualify for vet disability benefits may require the assistance of an attorney that specializes in veterans disability and can help you understand what you are entitled to for compensation for your injuries. They can help you determine if you are eligible and provide you with the resources you need to secure your vet disability benefits.

Who Qualifies For Vet Disability Benefits In Milwaukee?

There are an array of scenarios that may qualify you and make you eligible for veterans disability benefits in Milwaukee. While you may have

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obtained your disability while serving on active duty, this doesn’t always have to be the case to secure benefits through the government.

Payments for vet disability benefits in Milwaukee are determined by the severity of the disability using a scale that ranges from 10 to 100 in 10 percentage point increments. This is designed to determine the benefits to be provided to each disabled vet, allowing for the loss of work time for the suffering of a significant illness, injury or disease. If your score is 30 percent or higher, you may be qualified for additional compensation if you have dependents.

When determining if a vet is eligible for veterans disability benefits these factors can help determine if you qualify.

  • Active duty service
  • Training for active duty
  • Training for inactive duty
  • Discharge other than dishonorable
  • 10 percent disability from injury or disease as a result of the above training or service.

It is important to note that inactive training disabilities are considered injury, heart attack or stroke.

What Is Required To Prove Disability For Vets In Milwaukee?

While you may have sustained your injury or disability while on duty, you will need to provide evidence of the injuries occurring during training or other military events. This can include medical proof that you sustained a physical or mental injury that is causing current problems as well as providing a relationship between your disability and your military service.

You may need current medical records that indicate your injuries were caused during your military service or you may have to seek additional medical opinions to this case. This is where a vet disability benefits attorney in Milwaukee can help you satisfy the necessary requirements to obtain vet disability benefits.

Who is Eligible for Veterans Disability In Milwaukee?

are some actions the government that immediately qualify if an injury has occurred. Some instances they consider eligible for vet disability benefits in Milwaukee are if:

  • You were a war prisoner during your service duty
  • You developed a chronic disease after your service duty
  • You contracted a tropical disease during your service duty
  • You were exposed to radiation during your service duty
  • You came in contact with mustard gas during your service duty
  • You were exposed to Lewisite during your service duty
  • You served during Vietnam and were exposed to herbicides during your service duty
  • You served duty during the Gulf War in Southwest Asia

While these events are considered probable instances to obtain injury, disability or disease during active duty, they are not exclusive and do not disqualify you from obtaining vet disability benefits today if your injuries were sustained another way. Being injured during inactive training can also result in compensation benefits for vets and allow you to recover for the time you were unable to work as a result of the injury you sustained.

Are Injuries That Appear After Discharge Still Eligible For Veterans Disability Benefits In Milwaukee?

Often the injuries you received during your duty to the military may not become readily apparent immediately. Some diseases develop in service individuals years later but would still allow you to be eligible for vet disability benefits. This can include illnesses such as:

  • Developing hypertension
  • Onset of arthritis
  • Emergence of diabetes
  • Chronic and debilitating peptic ulcers

Is Gulf War Syndrome Eligible For Veterans Disability Benefits In Milwaukee?

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Reoccurring headaches
  • Increased joint pain
  • Problems with digestion
  • Sleep issues
  • Reports of dizziness
  • Respiratory illnesses
  • Difficulty with memory

What If Multiple Injuries Were Sustained During Military Service In Milwaukee?

If you are displaying multiple disabilities, injuries or illnesses as a result of your time in the military, you may be compensated with additional payments for the severity for which you have been hurt. This can mean that your overall disability percentage rating will be higher, allowing you to collect additional vet disability benefits in Milwaukee as a direct result of your injuries. The government uses a combined rating table to determine scores for vets that have multiple disabilities allowing the vet disability benefits to reflect these injuries.

Vet disability benefits can be challenging to understand and determine eligibility. You need the help of a vet disability benefits attorney to guide you through the process and make sure you have the medical evidence you need to secure the compensation for the injuries you sustained while being in the service. Tabak Law has the experience and legal advice you need to get the vet disability benefits you deserve with a team of professional attorneys that are dedicated to helping you.

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