Working with an SSI attorney in Wisconsin is very different from working with a family law or injury professional. Not only are you working against the Wisconsin Social Security office, but you’re one voice in thousands who are applying for SSI. An SSI attorney should come with a few key qualities to help you throughout your claim. You should also consider the full extent of your claim. It’s possible that you’ll go through two rounds of appeals, you may even have to finish your claim before an Administrative Law Judge.

Knowledgeable and Solutions-Focused

Of course, you want someone who’s qualified in terms of their degree and ability to practice the law. But you also need a lawyer who is knowledgeable about the SSI system. Navigating the Social Security network of applications, appeals, and vague requirements are difficult.

Working with a Milwaukee SSI attorney, you should expect them to give you a full run-down of what you need to start your application. If you get answers such as, “it depends,” know that you’re working with a lawyer that may not know your stuff. With an overview of your case and your situation, they should have a plan of action quickly.

You also want to ensure that the attorney you find is able to focus on the solutions more than the problems. It’s likely that your claim has any number of rare or uncommon aspects. That doesn’t mean these hurdles can’t be overcome. But, if an SSI lawyer approaches these with a few different plans for action, it’s different than working with someone who constantly returns to the problem.

Easy Scheduling and Flexible Communications

It’s pretty simple if you’re a lawyer is not available, then they aren’t providing a lot of help. It’s not likely that you’ll need to phone your attorney every few hours. It’s also not likely that you’ll need to schedule an appointment with them regularly.

Then there’s the other aspect to consider that your lawyer probably has other clients as well. So, what should you expect? Your attorney should have availability to see you within a reasonable time frame after you call requesting an appointment, usually a window of a few days.

Additionally, your attorney should return your phone calls within a day, or two. You may leave messages with an administrative assistant but expect a call back by the next day. If your question wasn’t exceptionally urgent, or you called near a weekend, give it two days for a return call.

Professionalism with You and their Coworkers

Of course, attorneys will act professionally in front of their clients. But if you see someone goofing around with the staff as you’re waiting for your appointment, they may not be fully invested in their work.

Why is this such a big deal? When you’re working on your SSI claim, and your lawyer is part of that process, they will need to present themselves as part of your appeals, and possibly in front of an ALJ. If they have a reputation throughout their community as the free-spirited type, you may not receive the level of service you expected.

Professionalism means making meetings on time and prepared. These two aspects are vital. If your SSI lawyer appears for your appeal with an Administrative Law Judge late, it may cost you your claim. Additionally, if they arrive and are not ready to present your appeal, it will most likely result in denial of your appeal.

Honesty and Transparency

Honesty may not be something that many people expect from lawyers, but it is a quality that you can find more often than not. SSI lawyers should be transparent with you from the start. If they don’t believe that your claim will go through, they should tell you.

On another note of honesty and transparency, you will want to know who part of their team is. Will you be working with them directly, or will you communicate mostly through a paralegal or assistant? Likely, your lawyer doesn’t work alone, and for you, that can be a good thing. It’s important though that you set out from the start what your communication expectations are and if they’re able to meet them or not.

Contact Tabak Law now for guidance in handling your SSI Disability claim. Without proper legal assistance, you may not have access to valuable resources that can impact your case. Don’t go through multiple rounds of claim denial because you are handling your claim alone.

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