In essence, yes you can apply for and receive SSI benefits while out of state. If you are planning on moving states, it is best to start your application in the state where you will reside. It’s reasonable though that this situation of applying for SSI while moving, or while making travel plans will spark a lot of questions. Questions such as, will I have to reapply, or will I still receive my payments are common.

Moving Out of State

If you are making plans to move out of state, then you may want to initiate your application as early as possible. However, if you already have a residence in another state, then you will want to start your SSI benefits there. You can also rely on quality legal advice to help you figure out where you should start your application.

If your moving plans are not set into motion yet, then get started on the application now. Submit it through the Wisconsin SSA office and then make plans to changing your address later. Fortunately, the SSA is a federal office, and your application will move with you as long as you’re within the U.S.

There may be some issues, however, if your claim was denied, or if you have to go through claims to an ALJ appeal. When managing your appeals, having a social security law attorney can make the entire process less frustrating. They can help you with various resources, prepare you to appear in your appeal, and gather all of your evidence. An SSI attorney can also help you understand how your evidence, medical information, and payment into the program work together to create a strong application.

Spending Time Out of the Area

If you’re still receiving “old school” checks then receiving your payments while traveling is difficult. You may need to assign someone to take control of depositing your checks into your account if you need the funds and cannot receive SSI benefits any other way then via check.

However, the SSA works with updated technology for electronic payments. You can arrange for your payments to go straight into your bank account, or into an account, you set up for your SSI benefits. For many people, this is the new preference because they can travel and know that on a certain day in the month that the deposit will go through. It’s more comfortable than having someone deposit your check or have access to your account, and it gives you the freedom to wander from home.

However, setting up electronic payments does require a bit of work. You have the choices of establishing a direct deposit into your current bank, or through a direct express card. To set up SSI direct deposit, you can sign up through your bank or the SSA office.

What Happens to my SSI When I’m Out of the Country?

Many people look forward to retiring in a different country. Or, to travel throughout their retirement. That doesn’t mean that these people have spent their adult life not planning on receiving Social Security benefits. Fortunately, the SSA has many ties with other countries to ensure that you receive SSI benefits even if you are out of the country.

However, not every country has access to supporting the transfer or receiving of payment on these benefits. Through the SSA you’ll need to use their Payments Abroad Screening Tool which will show which people and which countries have access to SSI benefits abroad. Usually, the countries which don’t provide aid to U.S. citizens who are eligible are in some strife with the U.S. Currently countries which do not process payments to U.S. citizens for SSI benefits include North Korea, Vietnam, and a few others.

Get Help Managing Your Application

Work with a social security law attorney to ensure that there is no mishandling of your benefits. You’ve worked hard and paid into SSI throughout most of your life. If you were to learn that you had to apply all over again, or that your application was unreasonably denied, you have good cause to be upset. Fortunately, with proper handling of your benefits, you won’t have to worry about those issues.

Contact a social security attorney in Milwaukee for guidance on how to go through the SSI application. At Tabak Law, we help people complete this process the best way possible, the first time around. Then if there are issues with your forms or claim handling, we guide you through the appeals process. Contact our offices now to learn about the services we can provide for you.

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