Fibromyalgia is painful and difficult to deal with. Its main symptoms are widespread musculoskeletal pain and fatigue. Sufferers may also experience memory, sleep, and mood issues. Therefore, many of them lose their ability to work partially or completely. When this happens, they should receive social security disability benefits.

In Wisconsin, the Social Security Administration approves few fibromyalgia claims. To increase their chances, applicants should consult a Milwaukee social security disability lawyer. The latter can assess their case and help them prove their disability. They will guide them through the formalities and help them avoid bureaucracy hassles. These are far from negligible, considering that fibromyalgia is not on SSA’s impairments list.


Obtaining Social Security Disability Benefits for Fibromyalgia in Milwaukee, WI

In 2012, the SSA issued specific rules for assessing fibromyalgia claims. They aimed to guide disability claims examiners and judges. The purpose was to decrease the number of denied claims and subsequent appeals. However, this has not happened.

Generally, two-thirds of the disability claims in Wisconsin receive a negative answer. In fibromyalgia cases, the rate of rejections is even higher. Why? The reasons are numerous. We have detailed the three most important of them below.

  • Fibromyalgia patients cannot provide X-rays, blood test results, and other solid evidence.
  • Symptoms vary from one patient to another, and the cause of fibromyalgia is still unclear.
  • Residual functional capacity (RFC) is difficult to determine in fibromyalgia cases.

To avoid claim denials, patients can work with a social security disability lawyer. The latter will help them prove their condition and their impairment. Also, they will take care of the paperwork and follow the claim procedures. In the meantime, the patients can focus on resting and treating their condition.


Proving Fibromyalgia for a Social Security Disability Lawyer in Milwaukee

Fibromyalgia patients have to prove their condition is determinable if they want to receive social security disability benefits. They will need proof of their chronic pain and a clear diagnosis. The medical reports should rule out other medical conditions. According to SSA fibromyalgia guidelines, applicants will have to prove:

  • The existence of at least 11 tender points out of the 18. The tender points should occur on both body sides, both below and above the waist.
  • A Minimum of six symptoms occurring repeatedly. The most important symptoms would be fatigue, memory and cognitive issues, depression, and anxiety. Other symptoms accepted are irritable bowel syndrome, headaches, sleep issues, muscle weakness, seizures.
  • Medical reports showing the duration and extent of the impairments and the patient’s functioning rate. The longer the period they cover, and the clearer the impairment, the higher chances of approval the claim has.

A social security disability lawyer can review claims for social security disability benefits and assess their eligibility. They will also prepare their clients for the following steps. The SSA will want to evaluate their RFC. They may ask the applicant to attend several medical exams. In order to approve social security benefits, the SSA has to conclude that the applicant cannot work.


Medical History Issues For a Social Security Disability Claim

However, medical history issues are not the only reasons why the SSA rejects disability claims. They also check the forms carefully. They will want to see the applicant’s work history and more. Any inconsistency, mistake, or delay could lead to a claim denial.

A social security disability lawyer will not let that happen. They know SSA requirements and procedures by heart. They study their clients’ conditions carefully and thoroughly document every claim. Their experience and knowledge can often make the difference between approval and denial.

Moreover, their help is not valuable to patients in Milwaukee. Chronic pain and the symptoms fibromyalgia bring about making the claim process not tolerable. Disability lawyers take over the procedure, helping their clients save time and effort.


Contact a Social Security Disability Lawyer from the Tabak Law Office in Milwaukee

Tabak Law disability lawyers are familiar with SSA guidelines for fibromyalgia. They also know how overwhelming the condition can be. When taking over a new case, they give their best to win it with minimum hassles for their client. They can help you obtain your disability claim as well.

Call our office now or fill in the contact form. Schedule a free case review with our social security benefits lawyer in Milwaukee! You will receive answers to all your questions and also an accurate assessment of your case. If you agree, we will take over your claim and secure its approval. We certainly know how challenging fibromyalgia can be. Let us help!

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