Are Veterans Eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits?

If you are a veteran of the military in the United States and suffer an injury, then you may qualify for as much as $3,400 per month in social security disability benefits in Milwaukee. These benefits are paid to veterans who have suffered injuries as a result of active duty, and also to those who have previous health issues which were exacerbated by active duty. Additionally, those who are injured as a result of care received at the Veterans’ Administration health care procedures or policies, you may also qualify for assistance.

Social security benefits for veterans in Milwaukee are tax-free, a major help to those who are hurt and in need of financial assistance. Not every veteran will qualify for the maximum benefit of $3,400 monthly; there is a range of awards from $133 monthly to the maximum of $3,400. The amount of your award will vary based on the severity of your disability and the number of dependents you have, among other factors.

In addition, some veterans in Milwaukee can qualify for awards beyond the $3,400 amount in the event that they also have disabled spouses, or have a severe disability themselves, or other situation like dependent parents and/or children.

In order to apply for veterans disability benefits in Milwaukee, apply on the website. However, the application process, like any other kind of disability benefits application, is a complex process and applicants are unfortunately often denied.  In order to maximize your potential to be approved, we urge you to contact an experienced attorney in veterans social security disability benefits, like one of the team here at Tabak Law in Milwaukee. This attorney will know exactly what sort of documentation you will need to ensure approval and can assist you in collecting the necessary evidence in the form of medical records, dependency records, DD214 copies, and others.

For those who are not yet discharged from the military, it may be possible to still apply for these benefits, depending upon where the veteran is in the discharge process. As with any disability claim in Milwaukee, the best course forward is to consult with an attorney experienced in disability payments for veterans in Milwaukee

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Can Social Security Disability Benefits in Milwaukee be Paid Retroactively?

Any application for social security disability is a long process, especially in the event that the claim is initially denied. This can delay payment of benefits, while the injured veteran or civilian is waiting, often with no resources or income to help.  

The best way to ensure that you do not go longer than necessary without the SSD benefits in Milwaukee you deserve is to contact an experienced SSD lawyer to help you construct the strongest possible claim – but no matter how long the delay, the U.S. government does pay social security disability benefits retroactively. This means that any months you should have been entitled to SSDI benefit payments will be paid, after you are approved, retroactively.

The retroactive payments typically go back to the date on which you initially filed your disability paperwork. Social security disability benefits can also be paid up to 12 months prior to the date of application, as long as the applicant can show sufficient evidence that the disability existed for this period of time, and that they were not able to work.

These retroactive payments will begin with the first month in which you were entitled to the approved disability benefits. If you are injured and unable to work for a year during which, for whatever reason, you do not apply for social security disability benefits, you can receive those benefits retroactively as back pay. If you have been through the process of appealing your claim, you could be entitled to higher  payments.

By the time a judge approves your social security disability claim in Milwaukee, you could be receiving the full year of back pay (as in this example), along with payments for all of the time since your application during which you were entitled to SSD payments in Milwaukee. Your experienced and knowledgeable social security disability attorney in Milwaukee can help you to understand precisely what you are owed by the government since the process of determining this can be difficult and complicated.

Can Prisoners Receive Social Security Benefits in Milwaukee?

Prior to the 1980s and 1990s, people collecting social security or social security disability benefits who were convicted of a crime could continue collecting those benefits while in prison, as they had paid into the system over time already. However, that policy has changed, and if you are currently receiving social security disability payments in Milwaukee, or plan to apply for benefits, and you are convicted of a crime, you can lose those benefits for the period of time during which you are in jail. Social security benefits are not paid to inmates in jail of prison who are incarcerated for more than 30 continuous days. However, persons who are being held in jail but have not been convicted of a crime may still collect social security benefits.

For those convicted of a crime who have relatives, including children and spouses, who are receiving monthly social security disability payments as dependents, those payments will not be interrupted. In addition, when the person is released from jail or prison, they are once again eligible to receive social security disability payments, which will resume the month after the person is released from jail or prison.

For those who are incarcerated in jail or prison who are collecting, or wish to collect, SSI (Supplemental Security Income), there is more bad news. Since while they are incarcerated, the government is technically housing and feeding the prisoner, it is not possible for prisoners to qualify for SSI benefits in Milwaukee. However, once the prisoner is out of jail or prison, provided that they were not incarcerated for more than a year, any SSI payments the prisoner is entitled to will result. In the case of incarceration for longer than a year, those SSI benefits will need to be applied for again.

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