Drug addiction is a crippling issue that can harm any aspect of recovering from an injury or illness. That said, addiction can also play a role in your disability claim, making it challenging if not impossible, to receive the assistance that you need.

Work with an SSDI attorney in Milwaulkee for guidance on how to approach the application process while overcoming drug addiction. The changes which come from substance use can have a long-lasting effect both physically and when it comes to applying for government aid.

Important Things to Know About Drug Addiction

Drug addiction affects many people, directly and indirectly. However, those who experience addiction will also fall in line with many other unfortunate aspects of life. For example, after years of drug use, many users will not have the ability to control their motor functions or balance as well. That lack of control will lead to often falling, tripping, and other accidents which can land a person in the hospital.

When it comes to receiving social security disability benefits, things get sticky. You must show that your injury did not come from the drug use. Additionally, you must have paid into SSDI for Wisconsin State for a certain period of time through putting in work hours. Many who have suffered from addiction for years have spotty or inconsistent work credits and may not meet the criteria.

Additionally, there are issues for those who have applications with a medical history that shows addiction. Addiction can lead to many serious medical illnesses that can prevent you from working. As part of your application, you do need to disclose aspects of your lifestyle that may have led to your illness. A doctor may have noted something to this effect in your paperwork as well.

Is Drug Testing Part of SSDI Benefits?

Wisconsin has chosen to take a stance on drug use and not test as part of either SSI or SSDI benefits. Why? SSDI benefits require the person to have paid into the disability insurance system through their working hours. SSI benefits are accessible to disabled persons, the elderly, and those especially impoverished, all of which are people that need aid.

Essentially by choosing not to drug test, Wisconsin has chosen to not penalize people for what is often a symptom of mental or physical illness. You cannot receive benefits for issues such as Alcohol Use Disorder. However, your claims will not be dependent on you passing frequent drug and alcohol screenings.

Although Wisconsin doesn’t use drug screening in their application process, they do have legal barriers to protect the spending of benefits. For example, it may be illegal for you to spend money from SSI or SSDI on drugs, which would result in you losing benefits.

Understanding How Drugs Impacted Your Illness or Injury

When looking at the illness or injury that is keeping you from work, it may be clear whether or not the substance played a role. For example, if require surgery for collapsed veins, common among opioid users, there is likely a connection. However, to say that a respiratory illness came about because you smoked cigarettes is unreasonable.

Drugs from cigarettes or even vaping up to heroin will impact your everyday health. Because of the drug use, you may fall ill or gain exposure to illnesses which you otherwise would not have. However, the SSDI office is quick to deny claims which don’t show a clear correlation.

Then there is the argument between presence and catalyst. In other words, even if your illness correlated with drug use, it does not mean that drug use caused the illness.

Then on another note, there is an addiction which arises out of an injury. An opioid epidemic is sweeping across the nation, and it’s often because of pain killers prescribed to patients. If you were injured, and on disability only to contract an addiction, you may find yourself stumbling into another injury shortly after.

Many drugs make people unable to function as well as they would otherwise. It’s the primary reason behind companies requiring drug tests for employment. They want everyone to be safe.

Contact Tabak Law for SSDI Assistance

Above anything else, SSDI requires an experienced hand. There’s nothing as difficult as overcoming addiction while struggling financially between work. Many people also stumble into addiction when they go to disability assistance as doctors provide patients with addictive prescriptions.

When you’re ready to get started on your SSDI process, contact Tabak Law for guidance now. Reaching out to an SSDI attorney in Milwaukee can significantly change the possible outcomes of your SSDI application.

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