If you have applied and been denied social security disability (SSD) benefits, you may be wondering why? While there are various reasons for the Social Security Administration (SSA) denying a claim, there are some common reasons this could have happened. Read below to learn of reasons your social security disability would be denied.

1. Incomplete Claim Forms

A number of forms you need to fill out to submit a claim may seem oppressive, but is is so important to make sure that not only every necessary form is completed, but double and triple checked.

2. Earn Too Much Income

Social Security benefits are for people unable to work due to their disability. Many people make the mistake of working part-time throughout the application process. Legally referred to as substantial gainful activity (SGA), this means if you are employed, and earning above the permitted salary of $1090 per month in 2015 (for non-blind people), the SSA assumes you must not be that disabled.

3. Failure to Comply with Consultative Exams

You may be requested to attend a special exam performed by a third-party medical expert. If you fail to show up for the exam, you are guaranteed you will be denied.

4. Lack of Sufficient Medical Evidence

It is important to keep a record of every visit you make to any doctor and obtain a treatment receipt and a copy of any prescriptions. Keep a log of every phone call to your primary physician, specialist, or insurance company. Write down days, times, and to whomever you spoke. You can never collect too much information.

5. Failure to Follow Prescribed Therapy

If doctors prescribe treatment, and you do not follow through you will be denied benefits. There are some exceptions that will be taken into consideration such as not having the money to pay for treatment, or if you are so mentally or physically incapacitated you cannot follow through.

6. Claim is Not Strong Enough

To qualify for benefits, your disability has to make you unable to work for at least 12 months or more. And, even though your disability may prohibit you from performing work you had in the past, it must be ruled that you are unable to work at all. If it is determined that there are other types of work you can perform, you will be denied.

7. Been Denied Before

If you have been denied previously, you may think that filing a new disability claim is better than appealing an old one. Many times the claim is denied for the sheer fact that the reviewer sees that you have already applied and were denied. It is best to appeal an old claim than to file a new one.

8. Drug or Alcohol Addiction

SSA will deny benefits if your drug addiction or alcoholism is a contributing factor to your disability. The key factor considered will be if SSA would find you to be still disabled if you stopped using drugs or alcohol.

9. Convicted of a Felony

A reviewer will most likely throw out your claim if your injury occurred while you committed a crime, or if you were injured in prison.

10. Failure to Seek Legal Assistance

Many denied Social Security Disability claims could have been approved had the applicant sought out the services of a reputable Disability professional before filing. Disability Support Services can help you fill out the paperwork and will gather the proper medical evidence necessary to support your claim.

Each year the Social Security Administration denies almost two-thirds of the initial disability claims it receives. This could lead to a lengthy and complicated appeals process. If you need assistant with your SSDI claim, please contact Disability Support Services. Our team of legal professionals are qualified in this field and will help you through every step of the process.

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