Milwaukee residents with disabilities due to their military service can apply for VA disability compensation. In order to obtain it, they will have to obtain a minimum disability rating of 10%. This is certainly easier said than done. To avoid the hassles, many veterans choose to hire a VA benefits lawyer.

This way, they find out all there is to know about disability ratings. They also receive advice on how to obtain a higher rating. Why is the rating so important? We will try to provide all the necessary information in the following lines.


The Basics of VA Disability Ratings in Milwaukee, WI

For the VA, disability ratings are a measurement unit for the severity of the veterans’ injuries and illnesses. They use this measurement unit to determine the compensation rate for the veterans’ pain and losses. They will also need to estimate and compensate lost future earnings.

When it comes to rating determination, two professionals influence the outcome of veterans’ claims. One of them is the doctor evaluating their health. The other one is the Rating Veterans Service Representative reviewing their documents.

They review the applicants’ military and medical records to determine their eligibility, and oversee the medical exams veterans have to pass. They are also the ones reviewing the forms veterans need to fill in. However, without the help of a Milwaukee VA benefits lawyer, most applicants are left at their mercy. When that happens, information becomes really valuable. We will cover the basics in the following lines.


Formalities Veterans Have to Fulfill, Better Left to a Milwaukee VA Benefits Lawyer

Here are the documents veterans have to present in order to support their disability rating:

  • Military Service Records

    These prove the veteran’s statute. They provide information on the conditions in which the veteran served. With their help, the VA should be able to connect the illness to the applicant’s military service.

  • Medical Records

    They provide information on the disability. Important details are the date when it started and the symptoms. Again, they will help assess the connection between the disability and the military service.

  • Doctor and Hospital Reports

    These help assess the value and severity of the disability claim. It lets the doctor determine when the disability set in.

  • Medical Examination

    Again, the purpose is to determine the nature and severity of the disability. Doctors use Disability Benefits Questionnaires (DBQs). They check boxes and use standardized language. This enables the doctor to propose a disability rating fast and accurately.

The disability rating proposal of the doctor will represent the foundation for the disability rating. The professional giving the final verdict is the rating veterans’ service representative. They too analyze claims and apply the VA’s Rating Schedule.

The documents they review list the illnesses and injuries the veteran suffers from. The service representative breaks those illnesses down into symptom groups. They then assign a percentage rating that reflects the symptom severity.

The VA’s disability ratings reflect the degree to which the illnesses and injuries have impaired the veteran. They measure the veteran’s lost ability to work and earn their living. The higher the disability rating is, the more money the veteran receives.

In contrast, the rejection rate for veteran disability claims is quite high. Many veterans receive very low rating or find their claim denied altogether. The best way to prevent that is by working with a Veterans’ benefits attorney in Milwaukee.

The latter knows exactly what documents to include in a claim. They make sure the diagnosis, the symptoms, and the impairment are relevant. If they are not, they may sure to obtain new, complete documents from their client’s doctors. They know disability claims take time, so they make sure the documentation is complete and thorough.

If the veterans’ service representative denies a claim, it is always possible to file an appeal. Experienced veterans benefits’ attorneys always obtain the disability ratings their clients deserve. Their services help veterans increase their odds and save time and money.


Secure the Highest Disability Ratings with the Help of a Milwaukee VA Benefits Lawyer

Are you planning to apply for VA disability benefits in Milwaukee, WI? The success of your claim and the corresponding benefits will depend on the VA disability ratings you receive. To make sure you obtain the highest ratings, you should contact a Tabak Law VA benefits lawyer.

The preliminary case review is free. You can schedule it by calling 844-432-0114 or by filling in the contact form! One of our disability benefits attorneys in Milwaukee will explain everything about your case. They will guide you through the claim process and help you obtain the benefits you deserve.

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