Work with an SSDI lawyer to help you through the disability claim process. But processing your claim is only one part of your disability recovery. If it’s likely that you’ll make a full recovery or learn to adjust to a new way of life, you can make this transitionary phase easier.

Find Out If You Qualify for Disability

Wisconsin offers Social Security Disability Insurance or SSDI, which operates within the confines of the Social Security Act. The SSA act uses the definition of disability, which states that adults must not be able to work or have a disability which will last for a minimum of 12 months or is likely to result in death.

For many people, that means that they are not eligible for disability as their disabilities are short-term. Short term disability is available in a few situations but is entirely dependent on that person’s salary. Usually, STD, or Short Term Disability, will provide between 50 and 75 percent of a person’s average pay. Additionally, this opportunity will probably come with a cap of a few weeks.

To find out if you qualify for Short Term Disability, contact an SSDI lawyer in Milwaukee for guidance.

Others who are at the beginning of a long-term disability recovery or full adjustment to a new lifestyle, the path is more direct. You will initially submit your claim through the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.

General requirements to qualify for disability include:

  • Living in the state of Wisconsin
  • You are unable to work or obtain gainful employment
  • A physical or severe mental impairment makes your job tasks unreasonable

Applying for disability benefits does have a set of instructions. However, the paperwork that comes with each case is not the same, and it’s not easy to understand.

File Your Claim with Help

Regardless of your type of injury or disability, it’s likely that if you are just not applying for SSDI, your disability is still very new to you. If you are adjusting to a new way of life, you will need time to relearn some everyday activities. In other situations, you may be actively going through physical therapy to regain past abilities.

Either way, you don’t have time to worry about paperwork and the stress that comes with filing a claim. Get help. With proper legal representation your Wisconsin, SSDI claim could go through easily.

Without help, you will likely receive at least an initial rejection, and then need to move through the appeals process. The time you spend learning how to navigate the SSI system is the time you could have spent focusing on improving yourself or your condition.

Don’t allow an overcomplicated legal process to set your recovery back at all. On a national level, 65% of applicants initially receive a denial of their claim. In Wisconsin, only 35% of applicants for SSI or SSDI will receive benefits.

Get the Rest You Need

Adjusting to life with a disability, even a temporary one calls for a lot of rewiring. Not only are you learning how to do everyday things in new ways, but you’re adapting in subconscious ways too. How you get out of bed, or how you pick up the phone may be significantly different now.

These changes call for a substantial amount of rest. The downside is that many people refuse to take the time to rest that they need. After all, daily life still goes on, and you need to work or get out and do things.

It’s a very normal struggle. How can you rest, while you need to learn to overcome new challenges, make a living, and rebuild normalcy into your life? It’s about knowing your limits. Not necessarily limitations but knowing when you have the energy and drive to perform, and when you don’t.

Keep All of Your Appointments

Obtaining disability is only one step, and that often requires getting the sign off from a doctor. However, if you start missing appointments, you’re only hurting yourself.

For example, if you are unable to work for three years because of an injury that severely impacted the muscles in your leg, you don’t want to miss any appointments. Although you may be on long term disability, likely, you will eventually make a full recovery. That recovery is exclusively dependent on your medical support team and your involvement in rebuilding strength.

Call Tabak Law

The Tabak Law offices are familiar with the court and SSI systems, making them a prime choice for people who need help with their SSI disability claim. When choosing the right SSDI attorney in Milwaukee, call Tabak Law.

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