The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that nearly one in every five Americans is living with a disability. The implication of this is felt financially, emotionally as well as logistically on both the person suffering from the disability and their loved ones.

In the event disability strikes in whatever manner it manifests, the financial obligations still continue to accrue and that is why social security comes in handy. However, for you to qualify for the benefits you must prove your inability to work in the occupation in which you are qualified. Even though the term “disability” may draw an image of ‘wheelchairs or white cane’, there are many other forms that are recognized as disabilities as outlined below.

What are the top 10 conditions most common that are considered disabilities?

1.      Arthritis and other musculoskeletal problems: this is when a person has difficulties or is unable to work when musculoskeletal issues strike.

2.      Heart diseases: They have become common and takes up a significant amount of the budget allocated to health. If this condition worsens, the affected person becomes unable to undertake their daily duties.

3.      Lung or respiratory difficulties: These conditions affect all ages and makes it difficult to breath. Notably, they are a major reason to file for disability benefits.

4.      Mental illnesses such as depression: Mental health issues have been on the rise and can affect you with the same magnitude as physical disability rendering you unable to undertake your duties.

5.      Diabetes: It is mostly linked to causes such as obesity and heart diseases making it another disability recognized in the U.S.

quick disability determination6.      Stroke: The effects of a stroke can be very severe; ranging from very mild effects to life changing. Stroke can be life threatening depending on the level of severity. Due to its grave effects, a stroke victim may not be able to work again.

7.      Neoplasms /Cancer: It is a disease whose impact if felt financially, emotionally and affects the entire family. A victim suffering from cancer may due to its effects make a person unable to work or in worst case, become immobile due to treatment and thus it characterized as a disability. The impact of cancer and the standard treatments can be disabling.

8.      Nervous system disorders: These disorders include Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ALS, Epilepsy, among other conditions that generally affect the brain and nervous system thus rendering the victim unable to undertake their duties as sane people.

9.      Injuries that are sustained during accidents: There are many causes of accidents that can render a person disabled. It could be as a result of an accident while driving, at work, at home or anywhere else. The impact of such injuries interfere with your ability to do your work hence becoming a disability.

10.  Autism or Asperger’s syndrome. Any person suffering from Autism spectrum disorders may upon proof through proper documentation qualify for disability benefits especially if they have deficits in verbal and non-verbal communication, social interaction as well as limitations in the ability to understand or recall information. They may also be unable to manage themselves and so it is recognized as a disability.

If you have any questions about social security disability or have been denied, please call 844-432-0114 for a risk-free evaluation.

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