What Does the Mental Evaluation for Social Security Disability Entail?

As you may be aware, filing a claim for social security disability benefits doesn’t only mean you have a physical limitation. Mental disorders also qualify for SSD benefits. But, there needs to be recent proof of this mental disorder. That’s where the mental evaluation for social security disability comes into play.

You may list mental disabilities such as memory loss, anxiety, depression, insomnia or others on your application. The most prevalent disorders include psychotic, affective, anxiety, personality, substance abuse and development issues. But if there is no recent medical information in a patient’s file, an exam will be required for both SSD and SSI programs. And you may even be required to attend an exam even if you have recently seen a medical professional about the mental issue – it all depends on your particular case and how it’s being evaluated.

Mental Exam Types for Social Security Disability

If you are required to undergo an additional exam, the performing doctor will conduct one of the following exams.

Psychiatric Exam

This will be conducted by a psychiatrist and will evaluate psychosis or affective disorders. This can include anxiety or bipolar depression.

Psychological Exam

This exam evaluates if there is any reduced cognitive function and for those with lower education levels or previous enrollment in special needs programs during schooling years.

Memory Scale Exam

This will typically occur for anyone claiming a form of short-term memory loss on their application. Most often, this includes stroke victims, traumatic brain injury victims, those afflicted with Alzheimer’s and similar situations.

Mental Status Exam

This is a more common exam that that encompasses a variety of reported conditions, including memory, awareness, language, mood, and others. This exam will include tests of recall, counting, current events and other activities.

Mental Health Evaluation Timeline for Social Security Disability

As stated, the actual exam that you receive is related to the conditions that you are reporting on your application. If a follow-up is required, that will be set up as well. Once the exam has been conducted, the physician or psychologist is required to submit a written report and a social security disability decision will typically be made within 10 days.

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