When it comes to receiving social security disability benefits, the application and approval process is considered somewhat arduous by many. The Social Security Administration has the burden of proving which individuals have legitimate cases for social security disability. But often, cases that are worthwhile aren’t immediately approved, which stresses the importance of getting a lawyer involved early for individuals in need of benefits.

Social Security Disability Income Limit for 2021

A key component of being approved for social security disability benefits is proving the individual’s inability to be able to engage in substantial gainful activity (SGA). If someone earns above a certain threshold, they will not be considered for receiving benefits. The social security disability income limit for 2021 is $1,276 a month. This number is calculated with the 1.3% COLA that was recently announced by the Social Security Administration. For a blind individual, the amount goes up to $2,153 per month, as the allowable amount depends on the nature of the individual’s disability.

The Social Security Act specifies the amounts that SGA comes in at for various disabilities, with differences for what is considered a more standard disability, and one that includes blindness. SGA for the blind does not apply for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits while it does apply for disabled individuals that are non-blind for social security and SSI.

While many individuals are completely unable to work depending on their disability, there is something referred to as a trial work period where the person may attempt to return to the work force if they are able. Being that it is unknown if the individual will be able to sustain their employment prior to attempting the trial work period, it is possible for the individual to be compensated for their work and still receiving benefits during this time.

Monthly Social Security Disability Income Limits Including 2021

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