If you are like the 70% of individuals who were denied social security disability benefits on your initial application, and your reconsideration has also been denied, any further action for your claim will result in a disability hearing. This hearing will be overseen by an administrative law judge and will be held in a private setting.

While the setting may be more intimate than a traditional courtroom, you will want to take the hearing very seriously, and dress appropriately. Those in attendance would include you, SSD attorney, the judge, someone to record the proceedings and potentially a witness that the Social Security Administration has in attendance.

Once the social security disability hearing begins, here is what you can expect to happen during the proceedings.

You will be questioned by the judge

First and foremost, the administrative law judge wants to understand your case and your need to receive social security disability benefits. Questions that you will receive will center around medical issues and treatment, past employment, education and how your life is impacted by your current disability. Being honest and thorough on how your daily life is affected by the limitations caused by your disability will be key.

Your attorney can speak on your behalf

Having an experienced social security disability attorney is a good idea for anyone seeking benefits – especially those who are appealing a denied claim. During the social security disability hearing, your attorney can speak on your behalf to further the validity of your claim with the judge. This may include answering questions or adding questions for you to help show the judge how you are affected by your disability.

An expert witness may be asked about your condition

If there is an expert witness in attendance, they will likely be asked about your condition and the limitations that you have surrounding it. They will give specific details about your injury and the limitations that it would cause for a particular job, or what jobs you could potentially perform or not perform with your condition.

You will not receive a decision that day

While you can expect the social security disability hearing to be thorough and you may have a good feeling on the outcome, you will not receive an official decision that day. It will take up to 30 days after the hearing to be notified on the judge’s decision.

Getting an attorney involved prior to the hearing

If you have been denied benefits, getting an attorney involved is the best way to improve your chances of ultimately being approved. An attorney can also fully prepare you for your hearing, including practice questions and overall familiarization with the process.

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