Social Security disability benefits are based on average lifetime earnings, not household income or the level of your disability. It only provides for an average monthly pay to disabled employees and relatives after the employee suffers from a disability, becomes old, or dies.

However, many people think that disability benefits will always be there forever but actually, it is not necessarily true. However, most people get these amounts up until they retire but this is not applicable to all. In the event you get the benefits up to your retirement age, they will not cease automatically. The benefits will just convert from disability to retirement benefits. Nonetheless, in some situations the benefits might terminate earlier before attaining the retirement age due to a couple of reasons.

Reasons for discontinuation of benefits

Make Your Disability Recovery EasierThese emerging issues leading to discontinuance include: when your disability ceases or there is a major improvement that allows you to continue working whether in your previous station or in a new environment or if you are imprisoned. Due to the probability of change in circumstances, it is these factors that determine the period under which you will receive the benefits. If for instance you began being issued this assistance in 2011 then after three years they will be reviewed which makes it 2014. Every time the reviewer is of the opinion that you no longer meet the criteria of disability, the benefits cease.

To avoid misuse of the funds or undeserving people from receiving the monies, the beneficiaries are reviewed (Continuing Disability Reviews) regularly. The period under which re-evaluation is done is based on the probability of whether you can improve and the level of improvement expected.  However, as a custom, the benefits undergo review after 1.5 years, three years or seven years but it varies with your illness/ disorder as well as probability of improving.

The severity of your condition improving is only one of the grounds under which these benefits can be withdrawn. Other instances include when you end up in jail especially when you are imprisoned for more than thirty days. Nevertheless, imprisonment is puts a temporary halt to you receiving the benefits. Once you are released from incarceration, you can apply to have them reinstated. The reason why you receive the disability benefits is due to inability to continue working thus, once you decide to engage in employment/ generally work where you receive a reasonable income, the benefits shall cease. You will therefore not be eligible for the disability benefits because the incapacitation has ceased and so you can just wait for the retirement benefits once you attain the relevant age. Since the benefits do not terminate automatically, you will receive a small amount for nine months before they are entirely withdrawn. Notably, your Social Security Benefits will not terminate if you work but along the way you are become incapable of managing. They will continue until the retirement age.

You need to always take the necessary steps such as regular reviews to ensure you keep your Social Security Disability benefits. If you need help, don’t hesitate to get the professionals at Tabak Law involved.

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