Being approved for social security disability (SSDI) benefits is a big relief. This is especially true if you’ve been through the appeals process, which is the case for nearly 70% of all applicants. Luckily, around 50% of those that are initially denied that file an appeal will ultimately get approved – and chances get even better with an experienced social security disability attorney.

But even though you are approved, you may not be completely at ease. Often, the question comes up if the monthly benefit for SSDI benefits will ever run out. The reality is that the longevity of your benefits depends on your situation.

Will MY SSDI Ever Run Out?

When it comes to SSDI benefits, your case will be categorized into one of three categories. They are:

  • Medical Improvement Expected (MIE)
  • Medical Improvement Possible (MIP)
  • Medical Improvement Not Expected (MINE).

MIE Disability Benefits Timeline

If your case has been labeled MIE it means that the Social Security Administration expects that you will improve and be able to return to work. You will receive a continuing eligibility review in 6-18 months to check on your condition. If it is determined that your condition has improved and you are able to return to work, benefits will be discontinued.

MIP Disability Benefits Timeline

When a case is determined to be MIP, it means that the SSA believes that your condition could improve, but it is not likely. Given that there is a chance of improvement, you will still go through eligibility reviews, but they would only be approximately every 2-5 years. Unless your condition improves to the point that you could continue employment, you will continue to receive benefits.

MINE Disability Benefits Timeline

MINE disability distinction is the most unlikely to change, as this means that the SSA has determined that it is unlikely that your condition will improve. Eligibility reviews will still take place, but they will only be every 5-7 years. Similar to MIP, you will continue receiving benefits unless your situation has drastically improved and you are able to return to work.

If you have questions about your social security disability case, or have been denied benefits, get in touch with the professionals at Tabak Law by calling 844-432-0114. The consultation is always free and confidential.

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