In Wisconsin, workers’ compensation pay is available for individuals with work-related injuries or illnesses. The benefits themselves included medical treatment and weekly payments to help fill the gap of earnings lost during the time of injury.

In order to be eligible for workers’ compensation in Wisconsin, individuals need to report the injury to their employer within 30 days of the injury occurring. They also may report the disability within 30 days of when they should know that it was related to work.

There are different kinds of workers’ compensation payments that injured individuals can receive in Wisconsin. Here is the information on workers’ compensation rates for 2020 in Wisconsin. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to call your Wisconsin and Milwaukee workers’ compensation attorneys at Tabak Law.

Temporary Total Disability 2020 Wisconsin Payments

Temporary Total Disability (TTD) is available if individuals are unable to perform any kind of work while recovering from a workplace injury or illness. This individual could also return to restricted work, but may not have been offered work with those restrictions.

For 2020, the maximum TTD available is $1,051, which equates to two-thirds of the maximum weekly wage of $1,576.50 for the year. This is 110% of the statewide average weekly wage.

Temporary Partial Disability 2020 Wisconsin Payments

Injured worker in WisconsinIn the event an individual is able to return to work, but can’t return at the same capacity as they could prior to having the workplace injury, they pay be eligible for temporary partial disability (TPD). The amount of the benefits are static for 2020, as they equate to two-thirds of the difference between pre-injury and post-injury wages.

Permanent Partial Disability 2020 Wisconsin Payments

It is quite possible that the injury or illness that an individual has will not be able to go away, meaning they will have a permanent disability and the work they are able to do will never return to full levels. A doctor’s evaluation is key in this determination and will decide if the condition will not go away, resulting in a permanent limitation.

The 2020 maximum amount available for workers’ compensation in Wisconsin is $362 a week, which is significantly lower than for temporary disability. It is still calculated at the same two-thirds of average weekly earnings, but with a lower maximum, meaning the percentages may be different for former higher wage earners.

For those who have returned to work, but still have physical limitations that cause them to be unable to earn at least 85% of pre-injury wages, the award may be adjusted to take into account the lost earning potential.

For any questions on workers’ compensation rates for 2020 in Wisconsin, contact your Wisconsin and Milwaukee workers’ compensation lawyer, Tabak Law at 844-432-0114.

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