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Workers Compensation

Wisconsin Changes to Part-Time Temporary Total Disability

Wisconsin has recently made significant changes to workers’ compensation, among those changes is a modification to how temporary total disability works for part-time workers. If you want to see how those changes might affect you, then Tabak Law is here to help. Keep reading to learn more. What is Temporary Total Disability in Wisconsin? Temporary… Read more

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Workers Compensation

Wisconsin 2023 Permanent Partial Disability Benefit Changes

Every few years the Permanent Partial Disability rate or PPD rate changes here in Wisconsin. Find out what changes came to the PPD for 2023, how the PPD is calculated on an individual basis, and what these changes mean for you. As always, Tabak Law is here to help!  Updated Permanent Partial Disability Rate for… Read more

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Workers Compensation

Workers’ Compensation Eligibility When Working From Home

Working from home is a new way of life for many Americans since the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020. However, many still don’t know what they are entitled to in this new work-from-home world. For example, do you still have workers’ compensation eligibility when working from home? It’s a very interesting question and Tabak Law… Read more

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Workers Compensation

Attorney and Partner Alex Eichhorn Worker’s Comp Interviews

Alex Eichhorn from Tabak Law has been making the Milwaukee radio rounds as of late, and he’s been talking about worker’s compensation and labor law. Find where you can listen to upcoming worker’s comp radio interviews and more. Don’t forget to check out Alex’s bio where you can learn all about him, and his experience…. Read more

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Workers Compensation

When You Are Hurt At Work What Benefits Are You Entitled To?

Were you hurt at work? What should your first steps be? When you are hurt at work what benefits are you entitled to? Tabak Law can help. Not only will we walk you through it in this blog, but you can also check out our spot on Morning Blend with attorney and partner Alex Eichhorn…. Read more

Tabak Law Partners with Kids’ Chance of Wisconsin
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Tabak Law Partners with Kids’ Chance of Wisconsin

Tabak Law is much more than just a team of world-class attorneys in the Milwaukee area – we are a part of the community and we love to help the people of that community when and where we can. This year – Tabak Law will partner with Kids’ Chance of Wisconsin – an organization that… Read more

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Workers Compensation

What Does Work-Related Mean for Worker’s Compensation?

Workers’ compensation is there for you if you get hurt on the job. If you work construction and injure your finger with a power tool while on the job, then that’s work-related obviously, but other injuries, especially those that occur over time, can feel like they fall into a bit of a gray area. What… Read more

Workers Compensation

Can a First Responder Get Workers’ Comp Benefits for COVID?

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, there are, unfortunately, additional people contracting the virus daily. And for many of those, the close contacts that turn into a positive COVID case happen at work.  If you contract COVID-19 at your place of employment and are too sick to work for a specific period, there is the possibility… Read more

Workers Compensation

Can I Get Worker’s Compensation in Wisconsin if I Use Marijuana?

The laws in the country surrounding the use of marijuana are rapidly changing. Currently, there is legislation in Wisconsin proposed to legalize the use of the substance. While it is unknown if this will pass, Wisconsin wouldn’t be the first state to legalize marijuana for recreational use.  When it comes to worker’s compensation benefits, things… Read more

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