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Workers Compensation

Can You Work a Second Job While on Workers’ Comp in Wisconsin?

Workers’ Compensation Rules with Second Jobs If you are injured on the job and cannot continue to work, you may qualify for workers’ compensation benefits in Wisconsin. These crucial benefits help you stay afloat financially while you may be unable to perform certain work functions. Even though workers’ compensation benefits are there to help, the… Read more

Workers Compensation

Tabak Law Recognized as Top Workers’ Compensation Firm in Milwaukee

Tabak Law was recently recognized by as a premier firm in the service area of workers’ compensation in Milwaukee. Specifically, the service gave the law firm the designation of Best Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Milwaukee.  Through independent research, identifies the top service professionals in a multitude of industries. The selection process comes down… Read more

Workers Compensation

Workers’ Comp Benefits and Working from Home

There have never been so many people working from home in our country’s history. While remote working options were already growing, the COVID-19 pandemic forced the hand of many companies that had employees that could continue to offer value at home. And for many companies, the benefits of having a remote staff are spurring them… Read more

Workers Compensation

How do I appeal my Workers’ Comp Denial in Wisconsin?

You were hurt at work. You reported the injury to your employer, sought medical attention, and filed a workers’ compensation claim. You did everything right. Yet, your claim was denied. The above scenario happens to many Wisconsin workers. Even though it seems obvious that you should be approved for workers’ compensation benefits to help compensate… Read more

Workers Compensation

Workers’ Comp Benefits for COVID in Wisconsin

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone’s life in some way. While everyone has had to deal with social distancing, mask-wearing, and other protocols, many in Wisconsin have contracted the disease. The disease affects everyone differently, but for many, a COVID-19 infection can lead to serious illness or worse. To date, Wisconsin has seen over 500,000… Read more

Workers Compensation

What Should You Tell or Not Tell a Workers’ Comp Doctor?

While no one intends to be injured on the job, it happens to thousands of people every day. There is an emotional aspect that immediately hits, as concerns about if you are going to be able to continue working and how to continue to pay your bills may come to the forefront. One of the… Read more

Workers Compensation

Attorney and Partner Alex Eichhorn Discusses Worker’s Compensation on WTMJ 620

When an injury occurs on the jobsite, it can be scary for a number of reasons. First, you want to assess the injury and deal with any immediate danger. Once that is taken care of, the unknowns of time away from work and any lost wages take precedent. Tabak Law has a lot of experience… Read more

Workers Compensation

How to Get Compensation for Back Injuries Caused by Work

Back injuries affect over 600,000 Americans every year, costing the nation’s economy as much as $50 billion dollars per year. As the workforce ages and medical costs increase, the financial effects of a work injury will continue to become more apparent. You may work for an incredible organization with tremendous managers, yet once you document… Read more

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Workers Compensation

Do you Suffer From Back Pain After Years of Work?

  Tabak Law’s workers compensation department specializes in aiding injured worker’s. If you suffer with back pain after years of work you may be entitled to workers compensation benefits. Give us a call today for a RISK FREE consultation. Pushing, pulling, carrying, lifting, bending, twisting: Some jobs require a great deal of physical work; but… Read more