Were you hurt at work? What should your first steps be? When you are hurt at work what benefits are you entitled to? Tabak Law can help. Not only will we walk you through it in this blog, but you can also check out our spot on Morning Blend with attorney and partner Alex Eichhorn.

What Should You Do After You Are Injured in the Workplace?

There are three steps that we recommend you do when you are injured in the workplace, and they should be followed in the order that we listed below.

Should You Tell Your Employer

If you received an injury in the workplace, then you should tell your employer immediately. Do not wait until you’re sure the injury needs care and do not wait to seek an attorney. In fact, if you call Tabak Law, we will tell you the same thing.

Make Sure You Get the Care You Need

The next thing you should do, again, before seeing a lawyer, is to make sure you get the care you need. This isn’t like talking to the police when there has been a crime, where you should have a lawyer with you right away. Make sure you are cared for first.

In fact, you should pick your own doctor to handle that care. Whether it’s a primary, someone you trust, or just a hospital that you would rather receive care at. Unlike many other states, in Wisconsin, it’s your right to choose what doctor provides you care after a work-related injury.

Call a Lawyer

Once your employer knows you are receiving the care you need, then it’s time to call a lawyer. When you consult Tabak Law the process is very risk-free. In fact, at Tabak Law, it’s free. The only time we get paid is when we earn you benefits that you wouldn’t have received without our help, and even then, we get paid out of the extra money you receive. There really is no risk to contacting us.

Many of the people that contact us, don’t end up needing us, but we can make sure that you are on the right track and that you are doing everything that you should be doing. However, we keep records on everything.

So if you call us today, and both you and your employer are doing everything you should be doing, then you just get some advice, and we send you on your way. However, if down the road, you need help with your claim, we already have supporting details of your case, and we can be ready to go.

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What Happens if You Can’t Return to Your Previous Job?

Let’s say that all has been done correctly. You didn’t need us, you got the care you needed, but now that you are recovered, your injury has left you unable to perform your old job. What are you going to do? 

Vocational Rehabilitation—You can receive vocational rehabilitation which is provided through the DWD. This can help you step into a new career and avoid lost wages.

Lost Earnings—If your injury will prevent you from earning the same money that you once did, you may qualify for benefits due to your loss of earning capacity. These benefits can continue for the rest of your life.

Can You Work a Second Job While on Workers’ Comp in Wisconsin?

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